Appeasement Leads To Defeat

Nice post from the better Archbold on the National Catholic Register . It deals, like many others articles from US commentators, with the rather funny developments in the Phil Robertson matter. 

I quote the salient part:

What we need now is for our leadership (and all of us as well) to stop mitigating and downplaying the deadly effects of the homosexual lifestyle to mind, body, and of course the soul.

Preach it. Talk about it.  Stop accommodating it all the time.  It is not love or tolerant to look the other way when a person imperils his life and soul. Saying that homosexual acts are gravely sinful is no more intolerant than telling someone not to touch a hot stove.

20 years of softening our position of homosexuality has pushed us to the brink.  If there is a lesson to be learned, it is one that any general could teach you.  A softened position eventually becomes indefensible.

So we must stop softening our position and fight for the whole truth, even the uncomfortable parts.  We must abandon the Church of nice and choose again the Church of truth.

The lesson we should learn from all this is that if we stand for truth we can win the day.  If we will not, we have already lost.

The man is obviously right, and touches an issue many times mentioned on this blog: niceness in front of perversion lead to persecution, and we must be vocal and outspoken if we want to avoid it. This blog uses strong words (like “faggot”) to give one’s little contribution so that the Gaystapo does not criminalise people for even saying contemptuous words to describe perverts. The war on freedom goes through the war on  words.

This effeminate love for niceness at all costs and in all circumstances will be the undoing of Christianity in the public square and push us back to the Catacombs.

We must stop it at once.


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  1. You are so right, and recent articles state the sad statistics from the US Department of Justice and other sources on the miseries of the homosexual lifestyle. Two are and

    These studies show that homosexual life is more violent and unhealthy than its advocates admit. Homosexuals experience more domestic violence than heterosexuals; monogamy is not highly valued in homosexual “marriages,” and HIV and syphilis are growing in homosexual populations, not heterosexual ones. The information is shocking and you may want to devote a post to it.

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