Useless Churchmen And Illegal Immigrants.

Look! He fought against oppression! Like Jesus! Eh, ah, no?

It has become in the last months more and more frequent – particularly because of the disgraceful effect of the latest Papacy – to read of prelates who give interviews and say something for which there is no need at all of a Catholic prelate. This utterly Anglican attitude of being concerned exclusively with worldly matters has now become more apparent because the Pope drums for them incessantly, and this creates more opportunities and provides more attention for the many Bergoglini always ready to play Sunday Socialist for a cheap applause.

Whether youth unemployment or loneliness of the old, poverty in the South or waste in the West, all these complaints and slogans could be put in the mouth of every non-religious politician or political activist without any need for meaningful change. The message is secular through and through, and worried exclusively with the cares of this world.

If you read, say, Fulton Sheen, you immediately notice a man for whom the faith is the foundation of everything, including the Christian message about the Works of Mercy. But whenever you read the likes of Francis you cannot avoid realising that to them the earthly issue is first, second, third and last, and the thin varnish of Catholicism they sometimes give to their utterances is there merely to make you swallow the socialist message without complaint.

To say that Jesus’ family was one of fugitives is one such bollocks; they just weren’t (they had to flee because of Herod wanting to kill the Messiah, but they were leaving perfectly peacefully when Jesus was born). The issue here is to completely remake the Holy Family in order for it to be manipulated and instrumentalised in order to promote the socialist issue of the day. The same goes for all the strange Jesuses we have seen in the last years: Jesus the homeless, Jesus the immigrant, Jesus the oppressed; all of which have nothing to do with Christianity, and all with the promotion of purely un-Christian values; like giving to eat to those who do not want to work and promoting illegal immigration and forced income redistribution.

At times, Jesus is left out altogether – which, if you ask me, is still vastly preferable to abusing Him – and then the prelate talking about social issues is utterly indistinguishable from the professional politician or one-issue activist. Again, Francis with his not very smart attempts at teaching economics is a prime example.

In the first case as well as in the second, such churchmen make themselves useless. There is no need for a bishop to say what politicians and activists say without pause, and the thin varnish of fake Christianity put there to lure the gullible will never work with real Christians.

Churchmen make, then, themselves useless. In the meantime, crisis of vocation – who would want to be such a useless, whining, high-pitched eunuch? -, empty pews, church closures and general irreligiousness spread everywhere in the West. Countless souls are lost; the very children are exposed to, and asked to approve, sexual perversion as perverted legislation is promoted and sexual deviancy even promoted to a value worthy of protection. People don’t even know the very basics anymore.

The useless churchmen do not care.

Illegal immigrants come first.



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  1. The American bishops have turned abortion (about which ALL Catholics must agree) into a mere political issue and policy on illegal immigration (about which Catholics can disagree) into an absolute moral issue.

    Dolts…clueless dolts. Or, perhaps, just Democrat Party lapdogs.

  2. The churchmen are enabling those who wish to covet our goods. Ten Commandments, anyone?

  3. the USCCB is known as the Democrat party at prayer for a reason ;)…illegal immigration is against Church teaching, states absolutely have a right to defend themselves….too bad the USCCB thinks otherwise.

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