Nazis Among Us: Mayor Di Blasio Introduces Himself

Not an unborn baby. Good cards by Mayor Di Blasio, then...

The new Mayor of New York, Di Blasio, has vowed to get rid of the famous and traditional horse-drawn carriages. The way the horses are treated is “inhuman”, he has said.

Someone should try to explain to him horses aren't human, either.

On the other hand, the oh so sensitive Di Blasio has no problem with killing unborn babies, at all. He actually appears to have complained that there aren't enough abortion facilities in certain neighbourhoods.

One can't avoid thinking unborn babies would have batter chances with Di Blasio if he thought they are horses. Then, he might consider killing them in the womb… inhuman.

Truly, the Nazis are among us.



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  1. He’s basically the white obama. people have lost their minds voting for him. Then again they voted for the obamination twice.

  2. An ass that wants to get rid of horses and babies.

  3. Di Blasio’s comments when questioned on the pointless ban against horse drawn carriages

    “It’s over,” de Blasio said, “so, just watch us do it.”

    The attitude exhibited in that quote sums up liberalism when faced with good arguments to the contrary.

    He claims this is more humane, yet many of these horses will now be killed because of the ban..

    • Yes, this is the same as vegetarianism, isn’t it?

      Meat eating people allow countless cows to at least live a cow-adequate life. If people stopped eating meat, there would be far less cows in the first place, as leather alone would not be enough to make them sound business, besides posing exactly the same problems.


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