Trad Pride.

Every now and then some – generally insignificant – microblog attacks this little effort with less than honeyed words. I am not angry at them for the unkind expressions, as I am not the most delicate and gentle soul myself. I merely get notice of it because my secret, ahem, admirers link to my posts, and – as you know if you write a blog – you can see who is linking to you, and can visit the relevant page with just one click.

Perhaps some of them do so in the hope that I might reply and link to their blog, thus giving their stats and their Google visibility a welcome boost for a day or two. Keep dreaming.

Anyway, there are people out there who stumble upon yours truly’s little effort and think very badly of it, and him. At times I visit the site and research the orientation of my critics, at times I just let it be, either because life’s too short or because the title of the linking blog is telling already. It appears my critics belong almost exclusively to the “let us love the sodomite, possibly with a condom” faction, though there are differences and shades of … pink. In quite a contrast, “Rad Trad” and even Sedevacantist sites seem to at least not hate me. Never have I to date read anything sharper than the gentlest disagreement from those corners.

No: it’s the pinkos – and the rainbows – that have the hateful words; because hey, they think I am a “hater”. Makes sense, or so they think. They call it “tolerance”.

I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of such criticism. I hope it never stops.

If it does, I will start to worry.


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  1. Mundabor,
    did you never encounter the (minority of) sedevacantists who believe (and jump at every opportunity to tell you) that everyone who recognizes the “false popes” in Rome will certainly go to hell?
    Or the (often FSSP-loving) kind who tells you that you should go to confession because you criticized the Pope or do not think the SSPX is the schismatic work of the devil, while Francis is just “misunderstood”, because it is impossible that the Pope is not the Choice Of The Holy Ghost and every of his utterances the Revealed Word Of God? They may not scream at you, but the accusations are heavy nonetheless.

    My personal policy regarding all the various factions within traditional Catholicism is: “Do not judge…” 😉 We are dealing with a very serious crisis, within the very hierarchy Catholics would normally rely on, and naturally there will be different responses to it. Some stick with strict legalism, the Mass, and tone down their opposition to the errors of Vatican II, some think the times are so serious as to require extraordinary measures and a full-blown “no” to the innovations. Some even believe to have moral certitude about whether Jorge Bergoglio is a formal heretic. Given his many statements at least bordering on material heresy, I cannot exclude the possibility that they might be shown to be right by future competent authority.
    All these various factions try to live their lives as Catholics in difficult times, as best as they can. They are serious about the Faith and draw their conclusions from serious study and an informed conscience. As we lack authoritative pronouncements on the matters at issue, I have personally decided to reserve my judgment, and I see many traditionalists (including you) basically doing the same. Not all, however, follow this line, and in their zeal for truth they so not see that not every matter can be decided with dogmatic certainty right now. Their criticisms tend to be of the above-mentioned “you will go to hell if you do not agree with me” type. Maybe not as hateful as the homosexualists’ but at least as odious in my opinion.

    But however that may be, the hate will keep coming as long as you keep true to Christ and His Church. The hate is, therefore, an indicator of what you are doing right. Just tell them you will pray for their conversion and do it. Maybe your prayer will be answered and they will indeed convert, and in any case it will infuriate them even more in the meantime… 😉

    • I was never, ever accused by Sedevacantists of any complicity with evil, though I regularly receive (and trash) sedevacantist comments.

      I do receive the “who are you to judge” comments, something with more or less veiled warning about my impending march to hell for not being as “inclusive” as our Dear Leader.

      I trash them too.


  2. Mundabor,

    Hold on!

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

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