“Little Monsters” And Gaga Friars

“Pastoral” friars (courtesy of NovusOrdoWatch; alas, Sedevacantists).

“Little Monsters”


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  1. If you would like to take a little look at the seminary life of a faithful Order (FFI) that is now being suppressed, please see


    and be uplifted that there has been men formed here. They are now to be scattered but perhaps they will be lights in the darkness where they are to be exiled. The other videos are also good to watch. It is a terrible sign that these holy things are hated by the moderns in control.

  2. I am utterly speechless.

  3. Don’t be too harsh on them. They are only following the example of their bishops (i.e. WYD Rio)

  4. OMG, it’s true, white men really CAN’T dance!!


    They took away her beauty
    Dulled her pregnant glow
    Her re-enactment birthing Life
    Is now a bawdy show.

    They bullied those assisting her
    Ignoring all who cried
    Then appointed haughty-humble
    Said we were full of pride.

    And when we try to help her
    To do the best we can
    They tell us that our Janitor
    Is not an approved man.

    But all else, yes, they’ll hire
    If they pretend they’re poor…
    And Monsignor-monster miscreants
    Are off the nuns’ bus tour!

  5. They should be glorifying the sacred.

  6. Pray the Rosary in Latin Here and Now – Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate

  7. Nothing new, actually. I remember reading in the Old Testament how King David danced and boogied in his loin cloth in front of the Ark of the Covenant. At least, these guys are covered! And how about that joy they have? Isn’t that part of the Kingdom?

  8. To me that was a total disgrace ….what are they doing ????
    Look like a “putting on a show ” to me .
    This is crazy nonsense ….and the CRISIS continues .
    Much is needed for the holy priesthood of Jesus Christ and HIS CHURCH!

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