The Pope Without Faith

Christus Vincit


Decidedly, Francis is the poison that keeps on poisoning.

From Vatican Insider

“Being a Jesuit is to be a person of incomplete thoughts, open thought: why always think looking at the horizon which is the glory of God always great, who surprises us relentlessly. And this is the ‘ anxiety of our void. That holy and beautiful restlessness.”

“This was how Jorge Mario Bergoglio – who entered the Society of Jesus 55 years ago – described himself and his fellow Jesuits”.

As always, Bergoglio’s words are fluff made of almost nothing; still, behind their apparent meaninglessness they vaguely, but clearly enough, suggest the most disquieting attitude. Modernism at work.

Clearly, this man has doubt as his own religion, and he is proud of it.

No surprise he does not believe in Catholicism. No surprise he hates those who profess the Catholic Truth with unflinching loyalty. No surprise he chose to become a Jesuit.

What a shame for the Church. What a daily provocation. What arrogance masqueraded as humility.

Please pray that this man may change his tune, of be taken away from us.

The SSPX rosary crusade is  the best way to do it.


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  1. Day of the Holy Three Kings (that’s how we call them in Germany), 6th January.

    You should have a look on the homily of Pope Francis of this morning, speaking of the Magi. He says that they were sly (sic) in avoiding Herodes, and Francis invited the fidels to make also use of slyness (resic) in their spiritual life. Slyness seems to be a new theological virtue. (For wolves in sheepsclothes?)’epifania._il_papa:_i_magi_insegnano_a_custodire_la_fede/it1-761528

    Thanks to Yves Daoudal for the information :

    Quand le jingle est mal placé
    « Un aspect de la lumière qui nous guide sur le chemin de la foi est aussi la sainte “ruse”. Il s’agit de cette rouerie spirituelle qui nous permet de reconnaître les dangers et de les éviter. Les Mages surent utiliser cette lumière de “ruse” quand, sur la route du retour, ils décidèrent de ne pas passer par le palais ténébreux d’Hérode, mais de prendre un autre chemin. »
    François, ce matin.

    Prétendre que les mages ont décidé d’eux-mêmes parce qu’ils étaient rusés, c’est contraire à ce que dit l’Evangile : c’est Dieu (en songe, donc sans doute par un ange, comme pour joseph) qui leur inspire de ne pas repasser par Jérusalem ; et ils obéissent, non pas sur la route, mais avant de repartir.
    Et puis non, les mages n’étaient pas des jésuites.

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

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