Fuehrerprinzip, The Catholic Way.

"To the Fuehrer Our Faithfulness"

“To the Fuehrer Our Faithfulness”. Really?

One day, in God’s good time, the present phase of stupidity and drunkenness within the Church will be overcome. We might have to wait centuries for this, but we know that the Indefectible Church always recovers. If you believe in the Blessed Virgin of Quito, though, you know that things have to first come to the point where everything seems lost. One can’t say Francis isn’t working with great alacrity so that this moment approaches as soon as possible.

Still: one day this madness and drunkenness will be gone, and those distant generations of Catholics will learn in the history books of that dark past, when Popes declared in public that atheists can be saved, dared to put “perhaps” hateful words in the mouth of Blessed Virgin; had forgotten the Fear of the Lord to the point of stating more than a slap on the wrist is not to be feared; thought Jews did not need to be converted because the Covenant still applies to them; and the other interminable list of stupid or irreverent or blasphemous things we have been reading in these disgraceful times.

When that blessed time of sanity comes back, many will ask: “how could it happen?”.

How could it happen that Pope and Cardinals spit heresies out of their mouth as if they were just the ticket, and indispensable truths? How could things come to the point that giving communion to public adulterers is openly discussed, and publicly supported by Cardinals? How could it be that salvation became a given for pretty much everyone, of whatever faith and none? How could Christ be betrayed in such manifold way; so aggressively, so publicly, so shamelessly?

The answer is very simple. The entire drunken – or evil – mess happened in part because it was concocted by evil people, but in almost equal part because too many saw the evil and preferred to stay silent.

The present demolition is not exclusively the work of the most evil or cowardly generation of clergymen to disgrace the Church since the time of the Arian heresy, but it is in almost equal measure the work of the countless silent enablers; the lazy, the cowardly, and those who think it smart to demolish what the Church has always believed and sacrifice Catholic Truth on the altar of a blind loyalty of decidedly Nazi character; a blind loyalty in which – as already seen in the case of the notorious Führerprinzip – any and every attack to Truth brought by Francis and his pack of reforming wolves is accepted on the basis that the Pope has said it, and a Catholic must therefore obey; without any reference to the Truth the Pope is called, first of all Catholics, to promote, defend and transmit intact.

The Nazis did not have a Sacred Tradition. They had not received any Depositum Fidei. They were in front of something utterly new, for which past rules of behaviour were said not to apply. What the Führer says, was followed. It was followed, because he said so. If he changed his mind, it meant that it was fitting that he now thinks differently.

Exactly this is the thinking of those advocating obedience to the Pope exclusively in virtue of his being the Pope. Francis is their Hitler. The Führerprinzip finds, by them, almost daily application. This blind following can be disguised under the usual fluffy words, like: “If the holy Father says so, it means that the, oh, Holy Spirit is, oh, guiding him in that, oh, direction!”, but in the end the meaning is clear: whatever Francis says is fine, because he said so. Fuhrerprinzip; that is, in the end, Papolatry.

This Papolatry is an even bigger mistake than the blindness of the Nazis of old; because if a Nazi could, in his blindness, at least delude himself that Christianity had to be thrown in the rubbish bin of history and a new Humanity created out of the new ideology, no one who calls himself a Christian can for one moment imagine that God has now changed His rules, and the Christianity of the past does not find application merely because the Pope says so.

The Pope is the protector of the rules, not the maker. To think that a Pope can change God’s rule is a madness bigger still than believing in the Führerprinzip.

I do hope more and more people will come to understand this in the years to come, but I am under no illusion that countless souls will be lost. The blind will follow the blind, and many of the cowardly or lazy will be led by this Pope and his cohort of willing wolves to deny Christ one piece at a time, as Francis himself denies Christ when he states that Jews don’t need to convert, nor do atheists, nor does anyone who “follows his conscience” and will get, if he denies Christ, a “slap on the wrist” at most.

Francis careless lio is a danger for countless Catholic souls. It is the product of a boundless pride (yes: pride) that lets him think he can reinvent Christianity. Many will follow him, because it is convenient to remain on the comfortable side, to refuse to see, to refuse to hear, to make Truth disposable so that our comfortable life may not be affected.

Mind my words: this Pope would be able to even participate to a “gay pride” parade. Countless would applaud him.

Many, in the centuries to come, will wonder how it could happen. This is how it could happen. Through the silence, the cowardice, or the complicity of most.


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  1. All the pope’s machinations and “off the cuff” remarks leave even the very faithful Catholic in between a rock and a hard place for the desire to be “in union” with the pope is strong and many absolutely do not wish to criticize but can see what is being said that is at the very least sometimes outright against Church teaching or very close to the edge or, at best, nebulous and ambiguous, and so are left confused and somehow uncomfortable and out in the cold.

    It is a sad place to be. We see the persecution of a fast growing and ever embracing traditional Order, the deposing of a faithful cardinal like Burke, the suppression of Marian shrines and the TLM at St. Mary Major….and it all adds up to a distressing and deliberate direction. It is a direction that many have suffered with for decades and just when it appeared that a slight turn around was happening, another brick wall has been set before us.

    I also fear the continued loss of souls who are left comfortably in sin but are still culpable because they still offend God. (!….imagine such a thing still occurs!). And they act against natural law and no pope can change that; he can only help make more souls blind to the condition of their souls.

    How desperately we need that great mercy of the “warning” or the illumination of souls: too many are happily going to hell because no one will convict them of their sinful and evil ways.

    I can only hope that God will take hold of this pope and turn him around. Consider Bl. Pius IX who entered his papacy a revolutionary and ended it as a reactionary who promulgated the dogma of the Immaculate Conception! For this we must pray that the same scenario will happen here.

    • I can happily report the number of those who start opening their eyes is growing. But we are talking of the better educated part of the population, and the part interested in Catholicism enough to read specialised articles and blogs. The reality outside must still be very different.

      I am not persuaded Pius IX entered the papacy a revolutionary. Rather, he had some modernising ideas in non-doctrinal matters, which created false hopes in the wrong crowds. To be in favour of, say, railways does not make of one an innovator. Of course, in the case of Pius IX the events of 1848-49 drove him to a more conservative attitude even in non-doctrinal matters, but this was not an isolated example.


  2. I doubt the Pope would participate in a gay pride parade but what he can do is leave priests, cardinals and bishops who in various ways support the homosexual agenda in their places and continue to add more to their ranks. Here is a article questioning the pope’s actions intended to reform the Vatican Bank ( Institute of Charitable Works) : http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/engel/140101

  3. I generally always concur with you Mundabor, with respect to The Bishop of Rome. I disagree with respect to your thinking and faith that this ship can be turned around, in years or “centuries”. We are living in the prophetic times foretold by Fatima NOW, in a proverbial self fulfilling prophecy in which this “Pope” is dutifully playing his role to a tee. To deny this, is to ignore that it is happening in this generation. I always marvel at those who deny what is clear to see and hear all around us. “Come Lord Jesus” (hurry please!) God Bless You and all who visit here.

    • I am glad you can foresee the future, and know that it cannot get worse than this. I think much, much worse could happen, and possibly will one day.

      As to the end times, I am still awaiting for the conditions generally accepted: the conversion of all people to Christianity, a sort of world government, and the advent of the Antichrist.

      if you think Bergoglio is the Antichrist, you certainly have set the bar very low.


  4. I don’t pretend to see the future, but can see the present quite clearly. It is how we view the outcome that is different. Where do you see the condition requiring the “conversion of all people to Christianity” as a prerequisite ? Francis is certainly not the Antichrist, (yes, that would be setting the bar low ) but I believe he is setting the stage for the Antichrist, and could easily be the False Prophet. Please don’t ban me from your site for this thought. I am not alone in this line of thinking. God Bless you Mundabor. I am not a fringe lunatic, but rather am a logical, prayerful and analytical Traditional Catholic who believes the Smoke of Satan is clearly present and making his stand in the Vatican. Come Lord Jesus!

    • I have read an old book on the matter, “The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life”, first published in 1881 and therefore beyond (or before) suspicion.

      The book – as I remember it; but i think I remember it well – said that whilst we do not know the day, it reasonable to assume what is proclaimed in the Scriptures will come to pass before the end: the conquest of the world through Christianity, the conversion of the Jews, and the coming of the Antichrist. I am not sure I read there the idea that there should be a kind of world government (the Antichrist will be extremely powerful from a temporal point of view), but these ideas match with what I have read elsewhere and have also heard in homilies at the Oratory (namely: that the Jews will be the last ones to be converted, so we still have a couple of billions people to work on…).

      The way I understood it, what the author of the book wrote were not his personal ideas, but widely accepted hypotheses concerning the end of times.

      Of course, we do not know. But you get my – and their – drift.

      The book is available on Kindle.


  5. I am 40 years old, was born and live in Buenos Aires. I am glad that you are getting the very essence of Bergoglio by pointing out his populism. I hope you are right when you say that he will not be able to manage things like he did in Argentina. So far, he has done so. Consider the case of the FFI, Burke, Piacenza, the ban of the Traditional Mass in Santa Maria Maggiore, inter alias. In Buenos Aires Bergoglio de facto blocked Summorum Pontificum. A good priest -close friend of mine- was willing to pray the vetus ordo but Bergoglio fiercely insulted him on the phone and had to cancell. Many priests were removed from parishes for the mere fact of wearing a cassock and preaching orthodox sermons. Bergoglio never showed up to confront the government anti-christian agenda. He preferred to speak ambiguosly and in an obscure fashion. He never ever smiled (it is impossible to find a picture of him as Archbishop smiling); the fact he now constantly does evidences he is a hypocrite. He was terrified at the prospect of being retired by BXVI (regretably he did not). Bergoglio is a peronist (populist) who likes power, loves power, and exercises it tyranically (despite his false words of mercy and tenderness). I cant imagine a worse person for the See of Peter.

    • Many thanks, Fernando.
      May God reward your friend priest, and his insulted and persecuted colleagues, for their loyalty to the Truth.

  6. Mundabor, at your reply at 8:26 P.M. I am familiar with the book you referenced, perhaps even from earlier references here. However I believe you suggested the “conquest of the world through Christianity” when the Gospel (Matthew 24: 14 ) reads: And this gospel of the kingdom, shall be preached in the whole world, for a testimony to all nations, and then shall the consummation come. (Douay-Rheims Version)..no suggestion that all be converted, but rather exposed to and having the free will to convert. Certainly, that condition in these modern times we live in, has been fulfilled. This could very well be the generation.

    • Well this is rather subjective, as it seems clear to me that “preached to the whole world” means Christianity must be the only shop in town, which would then match with the other idea, that the Jews too would be converted. It makes sense that the Jews would be the last to be converted, as the once chosen people.

      Even if this were not to be so, vast part of China and India have never had a priest or preacher in their vicinity. We may have Internet, they don’t. They are vast regions. You only need to travel to a backward village in Southern Italy to understand how little the world of an Italian villager can be, more so a Chinese or Indian or Burmese one, etc.

      Then we have the problem of the conversion of the Jews, of which there have very probably never been so many.

      Then, we have no trace of anyone who might have any reasonable pretence of being the Antichrist.

      I truly don’t see it.

      If events that seem cataclismic are taken as a sign, then I would say the French Revolution and the First World War, or the Atomic Bombs, would certainly qualify. No doubt, many have thought then that that was the end.

      Still, if any bona fide Antichrist should appear I would be ready to admit I was wrong.


  7. Mundabor
    Do love you and your posts – always!. that ‘christianity’ be preached throughout the world is one of the signs that was fulfilledby the time of the war of 67-70 ad.
    it is one of the many verses misinterpreted particularly by the proddy rapturists that was meant for that time and not 2000 years later.. it means the roman world of that era…..not ‘the whole world.’ and many other verses do they misinterpret to go along with their rapturist agenda of the ‘end times’. David Curie, author of Rapture, a convert and biblical scholar, a few years ago, explains this quite convincingly in Rapture. and yes i have read the book you refer too. excellent.

    also in the 1990’s fr. malachi martin, died in 1999, gave a series of taped interviews, which has now all been translated into books of about 50 pages each, 8 in all. he was a vatican insider and also spoke throughout of the importantance of getting a pope to resign to complete a certain agenda of the nwo. they are well worth reading to get a broader picture of what is going on and you and your readers may enjoy. particularly note the temptor’s hour.

    • I can’t imagine Jesus did not know, or wanted the Apostles to believe, the world was the Roman Empire.
      From the start, the Christian apostolate strived to get as far as India, which was at that time not touched by the Roman Empire.
      I am no expert on Malachi Martin, but from what I have read around I should not become it, either. I have a great mistrust for every kind of prophetic personality that is not backed by, say, an approved apparition of the Blessed Virgin. From what I have read of him, Martin had a well developed fantasy.


  8. Sorry again. that’s dave currie not curie
    and temptor’s hour is tempter’s hour.

    • hello mundabor, thank you for your thoughts. just wanted shed some light on this ‘worldwide preaching of christianity’ and where dave currie and i were coming from. . the book was written to expose the errors of the fundamentalist/evangelical in this country who are so taken with the idea of the rapture. this quote taken from pg 163.
      ” in part.it is because they do not take stock of the 2 greek words for world The olivet discourse uses the word ‘oikoumene’ , at this point which specifically means the civilized world delineated at the time by the boundaries of the roman empire. In other words the gospel should be preached throughout the entire empire. there is another word for world that designates the entire world, kosmos. Rapturists act as though this word is used but it is not. Kosmos appears later in this same chapter: “from the beginning of the world until now” Since both words are used in the same passage, it seems quite certain the apostles were fully cognizent of these two concepts. ” this is one of the 8 signs about the approaching ‘end’ of the temple age.
      If mr currie is wrong in this i apologize.

    • Let’s agree to disagree.
      I find all of this end time talk vaguely creepy.
      Bergoglio is a confused old man with an unlimited pride and the perfect son of VII, is all.
      After the drunkenness comes the sobriety.

  9. Could it not be possible that this, our pope is an antichrist, even if he is not thé Antichrist preceding the end of the world? According to the writings of the Italian Mystic Maria Valtorta, we are in ‘end-times’ (not the end of the world) and the presence of an Antichrist is a sign of the nearing collapse of the world and the church, necessary to save both. Any thoughts?


  10. A healthy discussion of “end times” should certainly be part of this conversation Mundabor. Its actually what is missing from most blog conversations dealing with uncertainty about the Pope and these times we find ourselves in. Prophecy through the ages has described precisely (including Fatima) what we are dealing with and should be prepared for. To deny this and simply think it will go away, or get better is not correct either. I do not believe that the Bishop of Rome is the Antichrist, but he certainly fits every description of what could be the False Prophet. Scripture and prophecy are not “Aesop’s Fables” for believers. This is how the story ends. Come Lord Jesus ! Don’t we all believe this?

    • The discussion is missing because it’s not healthy.
      The fact that one day the world will end does not mean it must come now.
      For countless generations, people like you were persuaded their generation was the right one.
      But by all mean, you could start a blog and deal with these matters. I allow myself merely to say I will not be among your readers.
      Please no more of that. I have limited time, and it is not meant to be used to talk about “the end is near” thoughts.

    • Jesus coming again does not portend to be the end of the world, but rather, the end of these times. A mature awareness of prophecy overlayed with what is happening in the Vatican today and the around the world, is simply keeping eyes opened and listening to the signs, which are in fact different from what other generations felt was happening in their time. Watch what PF does to the liturgy and how he treats the Eucharist and moves us to a more universal, all encompassing church, friendly to all believers and non believers, and you will know this is true.

      Mundabor, I sincerely am not intending to be disruptive or disrespectful, and will do my best to refrain from becoming a distraction here. “People like me” are actually “people like you” in more ways than not. This is NOT a cycle we are going through, but rather a fulfillment of what as Christians, we should be grateful for. Jesus will come again soon. The ultimate in “healthy”. God Bless!

    • Ah, but this sound very much like Francis, does it not? The way I knew it Jesus comes again to slay the Antichrist, and that’s that. The end of times are not the end of times sounds much like “the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves is a miracle of the sharing”.
      Anyway, yes, I’d say in this blog we should stay by the topic of this blog.
      Prophetic or messianic ideas should be shared in blogs or fora more open to them.

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