How To Become A Popular Bishop In Our Days

Short, stellar video from Father Reto Nay, courtesy of reader “Lepanto”.

This was made just a few days after Benedict’s announcement, and obviously before the new Age of Humility broke in.



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  1. Utah, of all places, is spawning what may be a watershed moment for homosexual marriage in the USA. Thousands of homosexual people in Utah have been issued marriage licences in this state in the past month. A federal court has issued a stay on this practice, and the issue will likely go to the Supreme Court. Our bishop has not spoken publicly on the matter, to my knowledge, but did issue a statement in the diocescan newspaper, which in an unseemly manner, in my opinion, talks of the joy of the gay population on this issue, but that that the Church must respectfully disagree with them. You may read the letter yourselves by Googling Bishop Wester/gay marriage. Would love your opinions on the quality of the letter. Is it effective?

    • With all due3 respect: what a pussycat and a sellout your bishop is.
      Joy isn’t a value in itself. No one talks of the joy of the heroin addict when getting his fix.
      No mention of hell, I am sure?

  2. Yes, to even refer to their “joy” might be his way of giving a wink and a nod to the developments, all the while mouthing the “party line” that the Church must be against such things.

  3. Bishop Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois, on the other hand, expounded beautifully in depth on why an exorcism of the state from the grip of evil is indicated with the passage of gay marriage in the “Land of Lincoln” (that is the state motto of Illinois–every state has a motto).

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