The Charge Of The Kraut Brigade

The Kraut jumps in the Tiber...

The Kraut jumps in the Tiber…

It is apparent to everyone with some sense of observation that the German bishops are going to lead the Modernist charge in the assault to Catholic Truth, in particular – but not only – with their new “pastoral”* approach to Communion for public adulterers. The German bishops know that it has worked in the past, when their liturgical abuse of “altar girls” was sanctioned by Paul VI. They also know as big contributors to the Vatican safe they enjoy a position of factual privilege other bishops’ conferences do not enjoy. Lastly, they clearly perceived when a Pope is able to say “who am I to judge” the sky is the limit.

Some observers, commenters and bloggers wonder if the Bishop of Rome, the Lamb-carrying Francis, will be able to face these people with the necessary strength.

I for myself prefer to wonder whether Francis is willing to resist them, and my answer to this is an emphatic: no, he isn’t. From what transpires up to now he isn’t in the least. On the contrary, he must secretly welcome the “modernising” lio they represent.

Please reflect: one of the most outspoken among the German Bishops, the aptly named Marx, is one of his eight, erm, gangbangers. I can’t think Francis chose him for such an elevated appointment because of his (cough) conservative credentials. Others, like Maradiaga, are probably even worse. Francis is actively promoting and giving a stage to revolutionary prelates.

Secondly, please reflect how probable it is that one who gave himself the example with a huge liturgical abuse only very few weeks into his pontificate, expresses himself in a heretical way more often that I eat pasta, and has in general no problem whatsoever with being seen as an “innovator” will now suddenly get the conniptions because the German bishops want to practice what he ceaselessly preaches.

Thirdly, please reflect that Francis is not so stupid that he thinks he can simply impose sacrilege on Catholics by simply ordering its abolition. The jury is out whether the man is simply extremely and culpably deluded or positively evil, but there can be no doubt that he is a Jesuit. Whatever abuse and sacrilege he wants to have introduced, he will mask it under the appearance of “merciful” leniency for priests who have “pastoral” concerns. In the end, if the bishops are in good faith and follow their conscience, who is he to judge?

Francis talks every day ending in “y” about the need not to be rigid or legalistic or, in one word, orthodox. He has been positively and willingly preparing the ground exactly for the kind of action the German bishops are now taking. It is extremely convenient for him to first promote a renovation in abstract (the invitation to make lio); then indicate he is actually not in favour of the measure suggested; and finally capitulate, out of his own good, wheelchair-loving heart, to pretty much every sacrilege. Then he will say what he actually always says: let us not be legalistic, let us focus on mercy, let us be pastoral, & bla, & bla. He does it already all the time, so it won’t even be a surprise for anyone.

In the end, I strongly suspect a “solution” will be reached by which the Church rules are upheld in principle, but they can be ignored – out of pastoral concern, and mercy galore – in practice. Like saying “in principle one should not smoke dope, but we leave it to the local churches to be pastoral if they have a lot of potheads who pay to us an awful lot in Kirchensteuer“. Bearing in mind that to receive unworthily is gravely sacrilegious, and smoking pot isn’t.

Be under no illusion: such a solution will satisfy each and every Pollyanna, and we will read a lot of blog posts with titles like “Did Pope Francis really change Church teaching in matter of Holy Communion?”, whilst the mainstream media will praise the man – “doctrinally conservative” but “pastorally revolutionary” – to the skies. Again, this is a man able to say “gay” when he means “homosexual”, so what do you expect. From their words you will know their minds.

The assault is coming. The leader of the royalist troops is a decade-long friends of the rebels.

Bar some extraordinary intervention from above, don’t ask me who will win this battle.


* Nota bene: “pastoral” by such priests always means “heretical”

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  1. Maybe Bergoglio is another Mussolini, turning things over to the Krauts. He reminds me a little of the Duce ( I can see the clenched fist salute now, “Francis, Francis” ). The Duce was a lot smarter, however

  2. Well stated, M. For sometime now I have been thinking that what you described will be the modus operandi of the ongoing revolution, now on steroids with this awful Papacy. It will mean leaving the constant Catholic teaching on the books as it were but then undermining the teaching by changing attitudes to it, dressed up as mercy and pastoral care. This year I think will be one of great significance for the Church as we enter upon this new revved up phase of the Vatican II revolution. As far as I can see the vast majority in the NO diocesan establishment loves the direction Francis is taking and I fear that when the crunch inevitably comes only a few will hold to the Catholic Faith.

    • Thanks, Father.
      It is always encouraging to know that good and courageous priests share my view.
      If you can, every now and then, say a Hail Mary for me I will be doubly grateful.

  3. Scripture is the greatest force for good when one follows it when he does not know why he should. Otherwise, it’s just doing as one pleases.

  4. What spirit is behind the actions of those Bishops? To call it a holy work to aim to destroy faith in souls is a sacrilege. It is most frightening to me that our priests are not all able to defend us at this time. But the priests’ sufferings and prayers in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will help us, even if they cannot speak out for various reasons.
    I came across this list in the preparation for the sacrament of confession. By their fruits you shall know them…

    Sins against the Holy Ghost
    – presumption of God’s mercy,
    – despair,
    – Impugning the known truth,
    – envy at another’s spiritual good,
    – obstinacy in sin,
    – final impenitence.
    Libera nos, Domine!

    • It’s called prostitution or, if you prefer, simony.
      I’d say it’s both.
      They are primarily protecting the revenues from the Kirchensteuer (search this site for this word), but they also want to be popular and have a quiet life, and who cares what happens after them.
      if they believed in God, they wouldn’t even THINK of something like that.


  5. Dear M,

    So do I. If I recall correctly (as I should) Christ told us things as the are, not as He would like them to be. He is revealing to us the Logos of the universe – the Law of existence, that obtains whether or not we wish it.

    That is why we should not try to deconstruct scripture when it appears contra the ‘mores’ of our time. There IS a reason, but it is the arrogance of a limited, frail and faultful species not to follow as we are instructed just because we cannot understand the reasons for God’s Law. Who are we, after all, that we feel we can demand reasons of God?

    If we were to be judged by God according to the justice of the universe alone, untempered by His mercy, we – none of us – would stand a chance of salvation.

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