The Religion Of Wordliness

The ridiculous outfit commonly going under the name of “Church of England” is considering changing its rite of Baptism.

The reason openly adduced for this is that as many parents do not go to church anymore, they are not properly informed about the meaning of certain words and the theological relevance of certain phrases.

Sin, for example, might be expunged. You see, the poor parents might feel insulted by the idea that they are sinners. Then, there is the thing with the submission to God; which, we are informed, is a sensitive issue; particularly with women, because Anglican women are even more allergic to any form of submission than Anglican men. Who does He think he is, this God, to demand submission of them? Pah! He should just try to get it from them, they will show Him as they did their husbands! Submission! Really?!

What is extremely funny to Catholics is, actually, perfectly natural to Anglicans. A wordly religion will adapt to the world without seeing anything strange in it. Today the very concept of sin is to be kept away from the customers faithful as if it dirtied them; tomorrow, the Cross might well go if they find it offends their sensitivity; the day after tomorrow, every mention of Christ will be expunged, less the family members of Muslim or Buddhist or other persuasion or of no persuasion at all feel offended by such an intolerant, “judging”, and clearly homophobic man.

The saddest thing of them all is that even Anglicans who care for God – and who rightly protest against the planned changes – are unable or unwilling to see what abject submission to the world their own shop incarnates and witnesses day in and day out. In this case, this abject submission is proclaimed quite openly, as the most natural of things. “Look – they say – we can’t ask a woman for submission, can we now? You got to be joking! Have you ever met our wives?”.

The so-called Church of England, an outfit that bears its absurdity and ridicule in its own name, capitulates to the world in the most natural manner. Which is what they have done since they were born, and the very reason for their existence.

We Catholics are living very sad times; but we know that the Depositum Fidei will, like a block of granite, resist every attempt at domestication. The Church and Her Truth will never die and will never be defeated. Not even a drunkard, homosexual, paedophile, communist Pope could change anything in the way the faithful – notice the word: faithful – understand and transmit Truth.

This is not so by the Anglicans and every other Protestant outfit out there. The storms of fashion and popular approval will always, at some point, sweep them away. What has become of the Quietists? Have you ever met a Puritan? How many Methodists or Quackers of young or middle age do you know?

The Anglicans will be the next to go.

Good riddance. There is no need for any religion of wordliness.



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  1. Fighting heresy, one numbskull at a time! Onward Christian soldiers!

  2. Whatever Luther’s motives (many due to his personal psychological and moral problems no doubt), Protestantism gained its traction as a large-scale movement purely for worldly reasons – mostly as a tax revolt. Folks wanted to feel like they were still “churchy” and thereby would get to heaven, but didn’t want to make the temporal sacrifices (e.g. support with time and treasure the monasteries, the Papacy, the various Crusades, etc.) required of a Catholic. The so-called “Church of England” (note, not the “Church IN England”) was exactly that from its foundation, an “ecclesial community” founded for the very purpose of promoting the English monarchy where the monarch’s needs were placed first, and Christ got the short end. Sadly, the institution formerly known as “The One True Church” has in the interest of false ecumenism and the needs of weak sissy prelates been angling to join their limp-wristed “brothers” (sisters?) in a race to see who can cave in soonest and most flamboyantly to the prevailing culture.

  3. BTW, most American Evangelicals, whether they know it or not, are likely Pietists.

    • Can you expand on that, Michael?

      But I have corrected my post. I meant “Quietists”. Gosh, there are so many sects one is so easily confused…


  4. Amen. You know how to tell it like it is. The truth will set us free, not the sham some people present instead.

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