True Nuns, Persecuted

Thanks to Magdalene Prodigal for this short video illustrating the life of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate.

Their persecutor is the same who mocks “Pelagians” who count rosaries (“don’t laugh…”) with modernist nuns who can’t even manage to wear the habit.

The two videos above tell you everything you need to know about the state of the Church with this unspeakable papacy.

Decide for yourself which one should incur the ires of the Vatican, and which ones only praise and encouragement.




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  1. What a beautiful video of the Sisters. As for the whacky Polish Dominicans, it seems they’re emulating the bishops at World Youth Day. However, the Dominicans have sunk even lower as can be seen when they bump and grind!

  2. I could not watch the entire Dominican video. It made me sick. Someone in a habit to be doing that is so very wrong. The Franciscans of the Immaculate are undergoing a white martyrdom which will benefit the entire Church.

  3. Its enough to bring tears to my eyes…to see the direction our “church” is taking. Very sad.
    My son and I watched the second video a few nights ago…..we both just shook our heads in disgust without even exchanging any words.

  4. And their Rosaries dangled at their sides the whole time…..

  5. Yes…have no fear though, he’s 19 (actually my 4th oldest)….he totally understands the craziness. If every Catholic teenager was as astute as my son pertaining to right and wrong we’d be in good shape going forward. Keep up the good work my friend.

  6. There is an article here:
    about how the European Dominicans are busy closing down incredible ancient holy monasteries. The FI —a post conciliar flourishing Order faithful to the Pontiff–was inhabiting many abandoned holy places like those. The Dominicans do not need a commissar to shut them down because of lack of vocations due to corruption of their charism. The FI, true to charism, cannot be allowed to go forward and so the shutting of friaries, seminary, and shrines come from orders from the Vatican. Either way, the loss is incalculable on the spiritual level for the Church.

  7. Mundabor, this is their video with a mix. Including Gangam Style: They seem to think that this is a good way to Evangelize. I understand their language and they sing about LOVE in their monastery. They are Dominicans from Warsaw. This is their yearly afternoon picnic on the ground of their Monastery. Their understanding of the show is along the lines of Saint Paul : I am a Jew for Jews and a pagan for pagans – everything for the sake of Christ…

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