What has Happened To “Ars Orandi”?

Like many others, I have noticed today that the “Ars Orandi” blog has been “removed”.

I can’t imagine Google arrives to such a point of content censorship, but it’s very difficult to understand what is happening.

My take about possible scenarios, for what it’s worth:

1. Perhaps someone objected to the many beautiful pictures, possibly claiming a violation of copyright. I do not know whether Mr Werling takes his pictures directly from google as I do, but I had one or two unpleasant experiences with the issue. It’s not always easy to know what rights are attached to a picture, at least I do not know how to do it. If there’s no “copyright” sign or other warning I assume it’s public domain. When writing from a tablet app you can take a picture and put it in the post (saving it beforehand, of course) without reading anything pertaining to the picture.

If this is the issue, I hope the blog will soon be back, without the pictures if needs be. The pictures are beautiful, but what we want is actually the written content.  

2. The same applies for the many beautiful texts from Dom Gueranger’s books. I have always assumed this was public domain. I quote from books myself without any qualm, but mention the source and link when possible. I have always assumed this is more than sufficient. Mr Werling does the same without fail. I actually think he helps to sell Dom Gueranger’s books. If the copyright issues are so massive this is scary; does it mean we must pay much attention to every text we publish on the blog, even when we mention the source?

3. If I got it completely wrong with the copyright matter and there are other issues, I can only wish to Mr Werling that he soon finds the time or the motivation – or, if it was Google’s fault, the platform – to continue his beautiful work.

If there are issues with Google and Mr Werling decides to start a new blog, I will be happy to publicise the new address, link to it frequently and contribute as I can to make it as popular in the Google ranks as it used to be. A comment in my comment box from anyone who finds Mr Werling’s new blog will be enough. I am sure many others will do the same and help the new blog – if there will be any such – to rapidly reach the popularity it deserves. 

As I am there, I allow myself to do something I have done far too seldom up to now: thank Mr Werling for his beautiful work all this time. Whenever I clicked the blog and got immersed in all that wisdom and beauty, I could not avoid thinking someone up above must be very, very pleased with Mr Werling’s work.

Let’s hope the blog is up and running again soon, anyway.


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  1. Hello Mundabor
    I am a friend of Mr Werling and have tried reading him since it went down last night. I haven’t heard back, which isn’t uncommon, so I’m not worried about that. What is interesting/strange is that his other blog is down, too. TLMmichiana.blogspot.com. That is the blog he runs for our Latin Mass community, and only posts Mass times and other event updates. The only pictures are of his own taking. He use to post the daily Mass propers and Gueranger passages, as with Ars, but I don’t remember if he still does. In the past, he has looked into moving to Word Press, maybe he decided to do so…. But that’s just a guess. Anyway, if i hear anything, I’ll let you know.
    Thanks for all your wonderful posts and insights, by the way. I come to your blog from his many times a day.

    • Thanks for the information and the kind words, Sir.

      Whatever happened, I truly hope we will hear from him from a WordPress site very soon.


  2. PS My personal guesses are either A) Obama or B) Fr Volpi

  3. Hahah Maybe I’ll get a response from his doctor, that he’s too ill to communicate.

  4. I to had taken his wonderful blog for granted! Oh how we miss the water when the well runs dry. I pray he can continue with his beautiful, intelligent and very spiritual work. A truly Roman Catholic website.

  5. No news on his facebook page either. Strange.

  6. Over at Mr Verrechio’s blog there is a comment by “Halina”, saying: “Just to let you know, that there’s no more Ars Orandi blog……David threw his computer out the window……”

    I have no idea if she ‘knows* this or if it is just a speculation, but this is the only possible piece of information I could find about the strange disappearance of Ars Orandi, a blog I frequented daily and would miss dearly…

    Here is another discussion about the disappearance, with one commenter saying: “Wow! I’m ‘friends’ with him on Facebook and just went there to perhaps send him a FB message. His personal FB page is gone. ”
    (Link: http://www.suscipedomine.com/forum/index.php?topic=5221.0)

    I also remember reading one of his recent entries about why he did not post his usual saturday reflections anymore. He said they detracted from his spiritual life, if I recall correctly. Maybe he has just decided to stop for this reason? But if so, why would he remove his blogs instead of just not updating them anymore…?

    • The blog has been removed.
      If it has been removed by him, then he needed a computer to do it.. 😉
      A friend of his wrote a comment here yesterday. In time, I am sure he will let us know more.
      This activity is very time-consuming and if one wants to stop it and think it’s the best thing to do, this is his concern only. Still, I suspect somethign more traumatic than that, than otherwise a simple message would have sufficed to explain everything to everyone.
      And then as you say the entire blog is gone, with all the content…

  7. On the one day I didn’t visit Ars Orandi, it was removed! I’m kicking myself. Damn. Just, well…damn.

  8. Ars Orandi still has a Facebook presence

  9. Mundabor,
    “If it has been removed by him, then he needed a computer to do it.. ;)”
    Are you sure…? 😉
    He could have annihilated his computer *after* deleting the blog, though… 😉

    I completely understand how time-consuming blogging can be, especially if you produce such high-quality work as Mr. Werling did every day. Given that one has to work for a living, usually care for one’s family, as well as prayer, devotions etc., very little time remains for blogging. If removing his blog was his own decision, I understand and support him fully. But I get suspicious if a traditional Catholic blog suddenly gets removed by, shall we say, not very Catholic-friendly Google; I positively have to stop myself from jumping to the conclusion of censorship.

  10. True Restoration

    I follow him on Facebook and was sure that I saw a status from him today saying that he could not load any pictures, and if there were no pictures there was no blog, or something to that effect. But I just went to the Ars page and did not see any such status, so I am confused.

  11. If it has to deal with censorship, then I am glad that I pulled my blog off of Google and am using a self-hosted WordPress blog now. It is odd too that today Eye of the Tiber has also gone down.

  12. We have some very good blogs in France, like :

    http://www.lerougeetlenoir.org/ (Le Rouge & le Noir)
    http://yvesdaoudal.hautetfort.com/ (Yves Daoudal)
    http://lesalonbeige.blogs.com/my_weblog/ (Le Salon Beige)

    Not only do they report and comment on traditional Catholic issues, but they all interfere with politics. One must know that in France EVERYTHING is political, especially in the religious field, and this most certainly since 1789. These blogs are not in favour of our politicians of the moment (Socialists and Greens) who push forward at great steps their abortion/euthanasia/gender/uterus renting/ and so on, agenda.

    Le Rouge & le Noir is run by a handful of very intelligent, very courageous, and very keen young men. Their blog has been attacked by hackers in last November or December, so it disappeared for some weeks. This attack had been reported by the other blogs. Very gladly I saw a few days ago that they have built a new blog (with the same name).

    This makes me think that ‘Ars orandi’ could also have been the prey of some hacker, and not of some occult censorship. It would be important to know what really happened to ‘Ars orandi’ as we are going to very dark times, at least in France, on the political stage.

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

    • I doubt it was the work of hackers. Google itself (the host, not the search engine) says the blog was removed.
      I wait for news from sources near to him. I do not think it will take very long now.

  13. Thank you, M, for the alert. A Memorare for Mr. Werling. In the meantime, it appears that we can at least access most of the previous posts (as of 8 December 2013) via the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20131208220335/http://arsorandi.blogspot.com/

  14. Hello Mundabor: I just saw on the Ars Orandi Facebook page, Mr. Werling has posted an explanation for the removal of his website. It’s an honest self-examination of what he feels he’s become and needs to take a step back. Worth a read, for sure. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ars-Orandi-Traditional-Catholicism/216768975002254

  15. Well, I just tried to open up Ars Orandi’s Facebook page again to re-read what he said and it can no longer be accessed either. He must have closed that down now also.

    • Oh well.
      Perhaps we will know more in future.
      Anyway: his blog, his decision. May God reward him for the sterling work he has done for years, and the encouragement he has given.
      I hope all is well in his family.

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