“What Did Bishop dal Covolo Really Want To Say”?

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Look, dear readers, why are you all so angry?

It is very clear here that the Bishop wanted to say that Guam is a beautiful island, and he will spend a very interesting Christmas there, and everyone is so nice, etc.

The hate press is obviously trying to misinterpret Bishop dal Covolo here, as they always do with Francis.

Look, what has he said that would be unorthodox? “Francis is a sign of discontinuity”. And? Is not every Pope a discontinuity compared to his predecessor? Of course he is! This is why we speak of the Pontificate of Benedict XV as something different from the one of Pius X! Discontinuity clearly means “difference” here, but it does not mean that the Bishop is being dismissive of the Pontiff Emeritus! Don’t be fooled by the haters… 

And then there is the one with the “ingratitude”. Really, what is this hate? What don’t we love each other like as many sisters from a Louisa May Alcott’s novel? Oh, if we all just followed the words of Pope Francis…

Whenever we read a prelate, we must read him according to what the Church says.  Does the Church say that a Bishop should be ungrateful to a Pontiff Emeritus who made him bishop? No? Well then, case closed…

Well, OK, I agree… he might have expressed himself in a slightly inappropriate way. He has said “discontinuity”, but I think he wanted to say “substantial continuity with small, organic, not at all worrying differences”.

These small errors happen. Apparently every 1000 words there is a mini- blunder like that. Scientists swear on it, and my cousin is also very much of the same opinion, and everyone knows he is smart.

Please stop listening to the hatemongers who don’t like our dear bishop, and consider instead what he really, really, really wanted to say…

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Seriously: the conceit is unbelievable.

It goes to show, once again, how wrong in his choices Benedict could be.


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  1. ‘Seriously: the conceit is unbelievable.’

    Not to mention downright offensive to any sane thinking individual.

  2. We see here a careerist cleric at his most shameless. He knows which side his bread is buttered if he wants to hold on to all his titles. There are, and there will be others, of his ilk who will not earn the excoriation of the BoR.

  3. Dal Covolo o del cavolo? Sorry I couldn’t resist

  4. I actually thought his honesty refreshing… Pope Francis is in discontinuity with Pope Benedict XVI, and Benedict the XV, and the IV, and so on… Probably even John Paul II and Paul VI…

    • The problem in this context is that he is happy. Yes, unwillingly he shames Francis. But he doesn’t want to. He is happy that Francis tramples the work of his own benefactor.


  5. If you listen to the good bishop carefully, I think he was not happy with BXVI due to BXVI’s easy treatment of heretics within the Church. I think Covolo sees that Francis will show no mercy to the satanic witches known as the LCWR, the homoheretics in the Curia and wider church, the proddie/agnostic/atheistic theologians who pass them selves off as catholic, and the rest of them. The bishop of Rome has brought back the Inquisition, hasn’t he? He’s “taking it out for a spin” on those dastardly Franciscans. That should teach them not to dirty the Holy Liturgy by also ‘celebrating’ the N.O. mass!

    In my humble opinion, this message is quite clear from listening to the good bishops interview. One just has to look for it…..

    • Actually yes, I think you are right.
      You see, my problem is that in my hate I never to stop to really reflect what Francis (or this bishop) or anyone else really must have said, because they cannot have said anything else…
      I must work on this, I admit… 😉


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