Old Teenagers

The French President, Francois Hollande, has a brand-new mistress. I mean, she is not so very brand-new as she is 41, but you get my drift.

Hollande must now, as they say, “decide” between his mistress and his wife; then apparently French Presidents cannot have both anymore, as they usually did in the past. Will he keep his 48 years old wife, who has already expressed her desire to keep her five servants, jet flights, and assorted perks of the lawful spouse of the elected Roi Soleil? Or will he go for the 41 years old mother of two, promoting her from her role of Madame Pompadour to the far more prestigious one of (future) Current Wife?

Ah, I forgot. Hollande's actual wife (I mean, as I write) has four children; but they aren't Hollande's; none of them; at least not as far as we know. Hollande himself has, though, his own children; but they also come from another wife; or another relationship; or whatever.

We live in a world of middle-aged promiscuous teenagers changing their official “partner” like others change cars; leaving a trail of broken families and wounded children behind them; not even feeling any need to apologise for their behaviour; without any idea of what it is I do not say chastity, but at least taking one's responsibilities and living like a responsible adult.

One begins to understand why so many of these people support and glorify sodomy. If you want to be able to do as you please without fear of criticism, you must allow your voters – straight or pervert – to do the same. ” Who am I to judge” is exactly the kind of comment the Hollandes of the world want you to make when you hear of their antics, and in order to do so every moral frame that would allow the moral judgment of the President and of those like them must be destroyed in the first place.

Middle-aged teenagers voted by middle-aged teenagers; none of whom apparently sees the least problem in that.

Welcome to XXI Century's Western Europe.



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  1. He’s not been married to any of the three women: so their official titles are Mistress, Concubine and Bit-On-The-Side (I am reliably informed).

    No wonder he has no respect for the institution of marriage and has forced into law a homosexual parody of it.

  2. He is not married the 49 one, is also his mistress

  3. The failure of this man to speak out against basically everything wrong/immoral is so apparent that its not even worth discussing anymore (for those who already see it). The true crime going on is not the fact that he is so deplorable in his duties; the TRUE crime is that a lot of decent people are flying down the path to hell because they refuse to learn their Faith and continue to trust the conciliar church to get them to Heaven. It basically comes down to laziness and selfishness on the part of the people. They are too lazy too learn and then too selfish to put the commands of the Church in front of their wants and desires.

    A pope basically telling them “its no big deal” to do so is just the icing on the cake.

  4. Mundabor,
    obviously he is just following his conscience and working towards the eventual realization of his idea of the good. Who am I to judge, if he is truly sincere? When – not if – we meet in heaven, we will all share a laugh about our petty disagreements on certain stale doctrinal and moral certainties, you know, the things those hateful Pelagian reactionaries clinging bitterly to their obsolete ideological liturgy, ossified religion of exclusion, counting, hate and merciless dogmatism got hung up on all the time (don’t laugh at them, don’t ridicule them, they deserve to be pitied: they have been left behind by the inexorable March of Progress!)

    Of course, not everything President Hollande does is perfect. Some things are certainly questionable and do not accord well with my personal standards of morality. I will not deny that. I am a son of the Church after all. Everybody knows that. I believe God will slap him on the wrist some time in the future for the things he did wrong, but there is no need to condemn him. You might even end up endorsing conversion or proselytism, which is, as we all know, solemn nonsense. Try tenderness and love instead of your irrational hatred of everything that does not conform to your moralistic extremism! Just look how Hollande really loves his newest girlfriend. As it says even in the Bible: God is Love, not small-minded rules from the past. The love shared by President Hollande and his current girlfriend incarnates – though undoubtedly in an imperfect manner (are we not all imperfect?) – the love God has for each of us.

    Let’s move forward together and leave behind hate and prejudice holding us back. There is a better world waiting if only we overthrow the natural order given by God, a true paradise on earth as some might say!

    “Just eat, my dear Eve”, whispered the serpent. “Nothing will happen. Nobody will judge you. Just go forward.” Some called him Francis. Others called him evil.

    Both were right.

  5. Thanks, catacon. I think I feel better now. And so much more positive.

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