Salvation According to Francis

The Bishop of Rome finds it, as we are informed, “frightful” to think aborted children will “never see the light of day”.

I do not know you, but to me this says once again how worldly, how simply forgetful of heaven – if he believes in it, which isn't sure – the man is.

Where I come from, we were always under the impression, which was (cough) somewhat reinforced by 2000 years of Christian belief and constant teaching, that aborted children are – as a rule – deprived of the Beatific Vision.

Francis doesn't seem to care much for the Beatific Vision. To him, the “light of day” is clearly more important. “What a beautiful morning!”, he must say to himself on waking up to another beautiful Roman day, “to think that aborted children miss it! Frightful! I'll have to mention this in an homily one of these days…”.

Honestly, one like that doesn't even need to believe in God. A pro-life atheist will certainly deplore the loss of life experiences and various beauties connected with the abortion in exactly the same way.

Unless you think, as you well might, that in Francis' strange religion of course aborted children enjoy the Beatific Vision. If Francis thinks so, this has any or all of the following consequences:

1. Paradise is a very boring place, and the Beatific Vision not worth much. Hey, the poor souls could have enjoyed an earthly existence, and many glorious mornings to boot. And now that..

2. In Paradise the enjoyment of earthly condition is desired, but not possible.

Child: “Dear God, may I see the light of day?”

God: “How often do I have to tell you this? No, no, no! You have been aborted! You can't have any light of day!”

3. The mother who aborted the child actually gave him the most precious gift, security of the Beatific Vision without the risk of going to Hell, and all this at the extremely convenient, infinitely small price of few decades of fleeting pleasures, which would have been mixed with a lot of suffering anyway and, let us say it once again, the risk of eternal damnation. Seriously, there is no better deal this side of Heaven.

Actually, in this case it is the mothers who do not abort their children who are the cruel ones, because they expose their children to a concrete risk of damnation – an infinite punishment – and endanger for their child the possibility of the Beatific Vision – an infinitely worthy good – against the infinitely small satisfaction that can be derived by dubious and temporary wordly pleasure, limited both in kind and duration of enjoyment.

Unless – and here things become really strange – Francis should believe that, through Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross, absolutely each and everyone is saved: born and unborn, baptised and unbaptised, slapped on the wrist or not slapped on the wrist. In this case there is no need for priests or friars, or for missionaries, or for the Vatican, or for the Church Christ founded, or for the Pope who should run her; unless it be, perhaps, to avoid the slap on the wrist, or enjoy the light of day, or help the delicate Francis not to have frightful thoughts whilst he subects the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate – those horrible people who keep believing in Hell and terrorising the faithful – to a… frightful persecution.

Once again, Francis says things that sound well, and don't make sense. They don't, because his entire new religion just does not stand the exam of reason; besides being in obvious contradiction with Catholicism, that is.

Pray for the Pope. Pray more, the more he says such things. If you don't really feel like doing it for him, at least do it for the Church that he should protect, for the truths he should transmit intact, and for the countless souls damaged by his shallow, emotional, wordly, self-centred, un-Catholic thinking.



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  1. What Francis should have said (that is, if he were a Catholic in a sound state of mind) he would have focused on the eternal state of the souls of these babies. Because of Extra ecclesia nulla salus, these babies unfortunately do not even get the chance to enter Heaven. They are deprived of this by their own mothers. Of course, I am not sure how good/bad Limbo is, but it is certainly not as good as Heaven.

    • It certainly isn’t, because the Beatific Vision is not there. Still, as it is the maximum happiness a human can conceive in his natural state, the child in Limbo will not ever even know there is a higher happiness than the one he will enjoy in eternity.
      On the other hand, the Beatific vision is source of supernatural joy: a degree of happiness we here on earth cannot even begin to imagine.

      More in general, as this is the received wisdom, it seems to me that to openly – if not explicitly – questioning it because not in tune with modern sensitivities, as Francis clearly does, is somewhere being impious and heretical.

      He is not worried for the loss of beatific vision. He is worried for the loss of the earthly condition. Frighffully worldly, if you ask me.


  2. The unborn are killed out of hatred for life and truth, so qualify as martyrs, I would think.

    • The problem with that is that what you would think is not what the Church has always said.

      Besides, the premise is, though certainly attractive from a modern perspective, not demonstrated. It would make a martyr of everyone killed because of the selfishness of others (say, a robbery). It just doesn’t square. If I kill a chap because he has a gold watch, I may hate truth and despise life, but he doesn’t qualify as a martyr.

      Thirdly, no answer is given to the absurd conclusions this thinking leads to: that our mothers could have given us risk-free eternal life at basically no cost (better: an infinitely little cost).

      When the Church says something about God, it always has hands and feet. It is us who think we are smarter, and end with homemade novelties that just don’t make sense.


  3. The Church has always taught Baptism of blood even wout the will, as in the Holy Innocents. and the Church teaches thA being killed out of hatred for the faith can. Be martyrdom. Put those together, and there is reason to hope that aborted children are giventhegrace of martyrdom.

    • More trash, and again trash the Church has neve rmaintained.
      Babies are not aborted in hatred for the faith, but because they are unwanted.
      If one kills you in a bank robbery, you are not a martyr.
      But then again, you think you can remake Christianity by making your own strange additions.
      I have just written a blog post on people like you.


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