Fags Love Fags

I have already reported that Fags hate fags. It now appears fags, ahem, love fags!

Says here, I mean.

We are also informed this would be due to the fact that (emphases mine):

“a tragically high number of gay people are told that they are diseased (you wish), aberrant (check), intrinsically disordered (check) throughout their youths (doesn’t stop there), fostering a self-loathing (check) that can lead, if not to suicide (drama queens), than to nearly suicidal activities (drama queens light).”

Oh, I forgot. Nearly suicidal activities? Like unprotected sodomy with other fags for whose life or death they do not give… a fag?

I suggest prayer instead. The smoke of hell is far more dangerous than the Marlboro Man.


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  1. Sodomites are lusting after two kinds of fags, one will give them cancer and other diseases and illnesses, the other will give them hell.

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