Putin On Homos: Hear, Hear!

And so President Putin did what everyone knows, but it is slowly becoming one of the biggest taboos in the otherwise almost completely taboo-free Western societies: linking homosexuality and pedophilia.

You can now make some popcorn and wait for the immancably incensed reaction of the liberal troopers, most of whom would never be as stupid as to allow their own child to spend time alone – not occasionally, much less regularly – with an homosexual.

The figures concerning the unspeakable scandal of pedophile priests speak a clear language: the evidence available, like the Murphy report, indicates the vast majority of those involved (you will have to do your own googling yourself for exact details if you are so inclined) were homosexuals. Now, many of these cases were of consensual sex with adolescents considered “children” in some Countries, but again the numbers are generally clear in creating a strong link, and indicating that a homosexual priest is far more likely to be a pedophile than a heterosexual one.

Putin poses, therefore, an implicit question that the West refuses to answer: how much higher will be the probability of being the victim of pedophile adoptive parent for an unfortunate child “adopted” by an homosexual “couple”, compared to the child adopted by normal people?

Let us reflect: if priesthood is an attractive way for a pedophile to get – at least in the past – near children, isn't adoption the safest way for him to reach his objective? How much easier will it be for him to create an environment favourable to both the crime and its impunity? What more can a pedophile wish than being the adoptive father of his own child, manipulating or terrorising him in all possible and impossible ways?

I dare to make here the very easy prediction that in three or four decades' time the phenomenon of the children abused by homosexual “parents” (parents? Really?) will explode, as the “parents” slowly die or become harmless and the victims slowly realise what was done to them, and why. At that point, either society will have become so rotten that it will ignore or even “celebrate” the matter, or – more probably – an awful lot of people will start to realise that the devil, once he has taken a stronghold in a soul, will use this wretch to make as much damage as it can.

Putin sees this obvious connection, and throws the question – implicitly, but clearly – in the arena. The West keeps ignoring it, basking in the smug feeling of the maddest blindness for the sake of the celebration of its own “tolerance” and “inclusiveness”.

Putin will, of course, not obtain much in the short term, at least not in what concerns the West. But in the long term he might cause one or five people to wake up, and his sterling work in keeping Russia Christian – Schismatic, but Christian – can only be praised.

Oh for someone, only one, leading a great Western Democracy, able to think and act like him…



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  1. Vlad makes fags sad! If the buttmunchers act up at Sochi, it will be verrrry interesting to see how the cops will handle them.

  2. Ah, the elephant in the room! Yesterday’s national news featured yet another breaking sordid tale of how the bishops of Chicago (ie: Bernardin of the “seamless garment” infamy) shuffled as few as 30 (likely many more) predatory priests from parish to parish for years. It is not explicit that the victims were teen boys and the priests were sodomites. No one dares go there in the public forum. We live in such a broken world.

  3. Hear! Hear!…is right. By the way, do you have a link to an article about this? I’d not read anything lately about Putin’s statements regarding homosexuals/pedophilia and the adoption of children. He continues to surprise me, happily. Some might call me naive and point to him being a monster ex-KGB goon. I hope I’m not wrong but it seems to me that his efforts at turning the tide in Russia back towards Christianity and morality are sincere.

    • You may Google around, but the link was in the “Pewsitter”, which has a search function, so you may have better luck there.

      Unfortunately I write a lot of my blog whilst underway, with little or no signal, so that the building of the page and construction of the link takes forever. At times I forget.


  4. If anyone had told me 45 years ago that Russia would be a more Christian country than any country in the west, that they would pass laws restricting the distribution of pro-homosexual material, have a lower top tax rate to encourage investment, and include Christianity as part of their constitution, I would have laughed until I cried.

    I’m crying.

  5. It seems the greatest of ironies that it is wicked Russia which appears to be keeping the dying flames of Christian civilisation alight, while our West – inundated with Marxists – has become an all-powerful, all-encompassing anti-Christendom. May God bless that nation.

    Meanwhile, from the Australians Broadcasting Communism, this link may add weight to your (100% correct, and 100% blindingly obvious) argument. Transcript provided.


    Ask any bleeding-heart liberal mother currently up in arms over Putin’s words if she would leave her young son alone with a known homosexual man each day, and enjoy the hypocrisy.

    An excellent blog, Mundabor.

    • Thanks for the kind words, M J.

      As to the linked article, I see it’s beginning already. Though I am sure only the number of homoadoptions in the next decades will let the phenomenon grow to level that will make it impossible to ignore.


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