The Swiss Guards And The Roman Report

After the (second) former Swiss Guard to talk in just a week, Archbishop Becciu has encouraged him to speak openly with Vatican personnel and make the names.  

Francis is interested in knowing the truth, he says. 

Give me a break. There is a 300 page reports at his disposal. I assume Francis can read?

But of course the good archbishop does not believe himself in what he says. If you ask him, it’s all slander. We live in “such a beautiful and important spiritual time”, he blathers.

And the man truly contradicts himself: he accuses Maeder saying that it is “too easy” to talk without making names, but is fully aware himself of the legal implications of making names in newspaper articles.

It’s a Saddam moment: if you are an opposer you either come to the open (when you will be shot at) or you are a coward or a slanderer.

This is the kind of prelate we have now. He clearly isn’t concerned about the homos in the Vatican at all. It’s “such a beautiful and important spiritual time”


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  1. You’ve said it, Mundabor. What a practitioner of “doublespeak” the Archbishop is. And he thinks the timing of the Swiss Guard’s accusation is “suspicious”! What is more than suspicious is the Pope’s subtle denial of a gay lobby while he employs Msgr. Ricca. Also lacking in sincerity and prudence is the Archbishop’s demand that the Swiss Guard expose these powerful pervert prelates in public. Why can’t he confide the names in the proper Vatican authorities, who have the power to deal with these predatory homosexuals?

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