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From Father Ray Blake’s blog:

I can’t help thinking of Abp Annibale Bugnini writing the Missal of Paul VI and composing the present Lectionary through a haze of whatever was smoked in 60s. Maybe I am being unfair and he didn’t smoke anything but the Pauline Lectionary has a decided 60s feel to it. The image of God, of Jesus is not organic, it has the feel of one particular period in history, to me it is decidedly Beatnik to early Hippie. If it hadn’t been compiled after two World Wars and the Holocaust it would probably have been quite different, if Bugnini or Paul VI had been different types of men the image of God presented to us would be quite different. Because fundamentally it is their image of God, it is not the image that St Thomas Becket, St Francis, St John of the Cross, St John Vianney…

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  1. Thank you for reposting this. Our Savior certainly was no beatnik! The One who died on the Cross for our sins deserves to be recognized as such. But do we have sin anymore? Is it recognized by many? Children of those not married in the Church can be baptized by the Pope, atheists are respected as are heretics—where is truth? And our precious Lord is Truth! Who is proclaiming Him! Is His Vicar?

    I see the persecution against the Franciscans of the Immaculate coming for the reason of their growing love and embracing of the Traditional Latin Mass, all in line with Summorum Pontificum. But also the young seminarians and novices were picking up the Latin breviary and that was a final straw! That sort of faithfulness cannot be tolerated!

    Eponymous Flower has a great quote from the holy Dietrich von Hildebrand: “The drivel of heretics, both priests and laymen, is tolerated; the bishops tacitly acquiesce to the poisoning of the faithful. But they want to silence the faithful believers who take up the cause of orthodoxy.”

    Orthodoxy is indeed intolerable by too many in the Church, even to the highest levels. Lord, have mercy! And Our Lady–despite some actions that ‘seem’ to say otherwise–also is not truly loved, even if there is a beachball on her altar.

    • The FFI wonderful orthodoxy and massive growth tell the tale about the failures of Bergoglio and his own gang of confused Sixty-Eighters. Therefore, they must go.

      I think this sums it up in one line.


    • Ubi Hostia, ibi Ecclesia

      You mentioned the FFI using the Latin breviary. I have been wondering if they were forced to return to the modern office. Do you know?

    • Almost all Tridentines now shut down. Tridentine Mass only with authorisation of Fr Foxes, er, Volpi.


  2. How long before the FSSP is relegated to the true Vatican 2 order which they are (meaning no more traditional mass), and then the SSPX given an ultimatum (although they at least will not give in)? It’s almost certainly on the agenda.

    • I have my doubt Francis will try to force the SSPX’s hands when he knows he has zero chances of getting what he wants.

      As far as the FSSP is concerned, well of course this is different. They might either be the next ones to be purged, or be hindered and put in a corner in various ways, albeit the Frankie Boys will have to pay attention not to drive too many people towards the SSPX. Also in this case, I would dare to say during this papacy the FSSP will owe to the SSPX whatever persecution they do not get.


  3. I have no doubt that the SSPX will stay the course. Sadly, I think that there are a lot of FSSP members who, though they do enjoy the old mass, aren’t exactly sticklers on true Church teaching. Im sure if the latin mass were restricted in the FSSP youd have some going to the SSPX; I also think that most would just stick with the FSSP and concede to the new mass.

    Just my personal opinion, as I know quite a few members of each society.

    • As far as I know, many within the FSSP celebrate the NO regularly, though actually this is not strictly the reason for their existence. I do not doubt, like you, that many – and probably rather the younger – would cave in, but I wonder whether Francis would want to make such a gift to the SSPX.


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