Ugly And Rejected: A Journey At The Heart of Feminism

The “ugly and rejected” Reblog. 

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  1. A factor in the development of male homosexuality is low-self esteem based on real or perceived ‘unattractiveness’, or more specifically ‘unmanliness’. I wonder if it is the same in the development of female homosexuality? Due to connection between lesbianism and feminism, this is probably why there is an atmosphere of bitterness and resentment around being ‘womanly’ and feminine: they [lesbians] have never felt womanly in the first place, and are envious of feminine women.

  2. thats true.Most gay men adore women and sexualise love for the father.They ape and adore their mothers and lack Love from their Fathers who may have been let down by a sons expressiveness which they can confuse with being femininity.Many gay man ive met are too close to the mother and there is shame or distance from the father distorting the development of sexuality at the early stages… do get distortions in the hetero development also.
    We now live in fatherless societies and thats un adressed for fear of offending feminism and gay people.Most people in prisons have no love from the father. Father represents authority and healthy boundaries the mother is nurturing love. A father institutions would be the church the police and courts the mother would be hospital etc…how we engage with these says alot about our relations with our parents.

    • “Gay” what?

      You mean homosexuals? Or Fags? Or, perchance, Faggots?

      There is nothing “gay” in a fag. Nothing whatever.

      Please let us stop this horrible political correctness.

      Faggotry must be stigmatised. it is – it should be; it used to be – a taboo.


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