The Pope, The Dove And The Pacifism Lesson

Look, a hawk! Let’s dialogue with him in a spirit of peace and understanding!

Hilarious episode in St Peter’s square, where the two ohh doves, symbol of ohh peace, set free by the Bishop of Rome in one of those kindergarten stunts that are the most common mark of V II stupidity, have been immediately attacked by predatory birds in plain sight of the children present.

As Father Z informs us, several organisations have warned that the chances of survival of such “bringers of peace” aren’t better than those of the canary bird once freed from his cage by a solicitous, freedom-loving child. With the difference that Francis isn’t a child.

It is consoling to know that this time Francis has managed to teach the children something useful, and we should therefore charitably ignore the fact that this was most certainly not his intention. Still, there can be no doubt the children got a beautiful lesson, live and utterly cost-free, of what happens to pacifists the world over: they are free to flaunt their purity and whiteness as long as they are protected in a Vatican cage (or by an army), but are screwed very fast when their beautiful-sounding words are put into practice without third-party protection.

See, little ones? This is what happens to pacifists in real life. Let this be a lesson to you! He who lives by kindergarden rhetoric, dies by kindergarten rhetoric!

Thanks, Bishop Francis. This time you have been rather useful.


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  1. Next time, he ought to release some koo-koo birds!

  2. The caption under the picture of the doves was hilarious.

  3. In all probability somewhere near the Vatican is the sanctuary of a pigeon loft to which the birds would normally return unharried and live in safety. Unfortunately, the crow Maradiaga and the seagull Aziz had different ideas and Francis saw nothing.

  4. Hilarious Stephen!

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