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And it came to pass “Rolling Stone”, last time I looked not a beacon of political conservatism, put Francis on their cover.

Did they do it because they have become nearer to Catholicism? Nope. They did because Francis is rather similar to them, so they can’t avoid liking him.

The article explaining the choice has no qualms in telling us Francis has pleased the majority of Catholics, with which the pleasure of the majority officially becomes Rolling Stone’s metre of a Pope doing a good job. Congratulations. You are smart. Please throw away the joint.

The usual grounds are also mentioned: the “who am I to judge” stunt before all, the “stance” concerning homosexuality in particular, but also the populist drive with the “simplicity” of life; and again, that Francis keeps a simple background in order for him to shine the more in the foreground escapes the brilliant minds of “Rolling Stone”, of whom it can safely say that the dope hasn’t really improved their analytical faculties.

What does Francis do in all this? Is he not tired of being praised to the sky by obvious enemies of Catholic morals, whilst the criticism among Catholics becomes more and more vocal? Should he not react like everyone else would: giving a couple of very hard interviews, and making clear this nonsense of the “hippy Pope” has to stop? Please think this: just a couple of very obvious statements concerning very obvious Catholics truths (say: unless atheists repent before death they will go to hell; Muslims are infidels; Proddies are heretics; there is no salvation outside the Church; very, very basic stuff like that) would cure the planet very fast from any idea concerning the “hippy Pope”.

The problem is, he is a hippy Pope. Rolling Stone “gets” him far better than the Pollyannas of the Neocon fraction. Actually, it’s fair to say in the meantime the entire non-Catholic planet gets him, only the majority of Catholics still don’t. Notice that, in fact, the “Rolling Stone” journalist was given access to the Vatican so he could spin the man better.

Whenever something like that happens (Francis praised by fags; Francis praised by socialists; Francis praised by abortionists) ask yourself why they didn’t like Benedict, and they like Francis so much.

If they are so stupid that they can’t understand Francis’ message, why did they not do the same with Benedict? If Francis says the same Benedict always said, why have they now suddenly learnt to listen? And most of all: if they praise him, as they all do, for the wrong reasons, why does Francis refuse to set the record straight?

The answer is evident to everyone who is not entirely deluded and willfully blind: because Benedict was different in both style and content; because they are as able to listen now as they always were, and because Francis’ religion is his own popularity, with poverty and social justice a distant second and Catholic values and battles nowhere to be seen.

Francis wearing the Red Nose is more and more the perfect image of this pontificate. A pontificate that will hopefully be short and followed by someone who has read the Gospel in the last five decades, and has understood what it says.

Pray for Francis, that he may discover Catholicism. And pray for the Church, that she may be freed from him if he doesn’t.


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  1. “Francis wearing the Red Nose is more and more the perfect image of this pontificate.”

    For me, it will always be the “coprophagia papacy”. I must admit, that I learned about this “life style” choice from the bishop of Rome. Sad, but true.

  2. I’m stunned by the project of an encyclical about environment. The enemies of the Church are
    breaking through the door of our home , and he’s thinking about polar bears , baby seals’ destiny and air’s quality ? Which planet does he think he lives on ? Does he read ‘ Topolino’ ,
    ‘ Mad ‘ or , by chance ‘ Rolling Stone ‘ ? When a new Padre Pio will appear , who slaps him
    on his well nourished cheeks and bring him back to reality ?

    • I think “Topolino” is too middle-class for him.

      Too far away from the “periperhy”…

      I am rather sure he bought the last number of “Rolling Stone”, though…


  3. As more time passes, the more convinced I am that the masons have got their man. He’s the New World Order pope.

  4. Hmm, I would have thought Rolling Stone could have come up with an edgier cover–ie: twerking Swiss Guards flanking the Bishop.

  5. The world media loves Francis because, as liberals, they know precisely he is one of them. More importantly, they view Francis’ election as game, set, and match. With his personal popularity and a papacy that will likely last 10 years or more, he can stamp out the last remnants of traditional Catholicism through his selections of Cardinals. The world press loves “who am I to judge”, but I suspect they are even more excited Francis can end what remains of an institution that was a bulwark for moral clarity through the early 1960’s.

  6. So true, Mundabor. My husband responded to me one day, as I was complaining about why the Pope acts like such a hippie, ‘But, he IS a hippie!’ How can one argue with that? Too, too true. And I’m afraid, based on local hippies of his cut, that, once a hippie, always a hippie.

  7. How long before an expose on Francis comes out in Playboy (and no, im not being sarcastic in the least)? Like ive said before i’ll say again….its sad that Francis is picking up speed on his chosen road, but MUCH sadder is the fact that so many countless men and woman are following him down the same path.

    As crazy as this is getting though, I am still not surprised. Disgusted? Yes. Surprised? Not at all. Since the Church was hijacked in the 60’s (actually the groundwork was laid in place decades before) what we are seeing now is only the inevitable result. I wish Catholics all over could be made to read the sermon of St Leonard of Port Maurice on how few are saved….so many need a true wake up call. I wonder if Francis has ever read it himself?

    • Oh, I am more optimistic about how many are saved. But there’s no doubt with Francis there will no help in saving more of them.

      And yes, I am not surprised. And yes, once “Rolling Stone”, “Playboy” can’t be far away. The Popes, they are a’ changing…


  8. Just a general observation, things might be bad in the Catholic Church, but the Barque of Peter is being turned around. By the oarsmen, if not the coxswain. For those who doubt, just click the following link:

    When I stumbled upon my first indult TLM circa 1988, it was after 19 years of not attending a proper Mass. You could not find one in the States (Chicago to be exact) if your life depended on it. And not to many people heard of the SSPX at the time.

    But if you go to the link that I posted above, just look at what is happening. This is what one could define as a true NEW SPRINGTIME if there ever was one. So my suggestion is, don’t get depressed, get even 😉 Just keep going to the nearest TLM near you. Things are actually getting much better.

    • WikiMissa is truly good. I use it whenever I travel. Invaluable.
      I have written a blog post in it a long time ago. Perhaps I should write again.


  9. As each article in a mass circulation secular magazine lauds Francis so Benedict is trashed openly or covertly. Francis is complicit in this attempt to demolish Benedict’s reputation, actively colluding when he gives house room to the enemies of the Church. He knows exactly what he’s doing.
    That fellow Jesuit Fr. Lombardi has been moved to defend Benedict indicates that in the Vatican there are some who are, at the very least, uneasy at the turn of events. Sadly, they are probably numerically small and as long as he leaves the old-guard Curial cardinals and their perks alone Francis will remain untramelled. If he knows one big thing, it’s that.

    • That thing of Lombardi was very strange.

      As I have already reported, Francis gave access to the Rolling Stone journalist. How probable it is he did not ask to approve the text beforehand? And if he didn’t, why?

      I think the answer about Francis’ intentions is clear in both cases.


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