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I have removed, for obvious reasons, the link to “Ars Orandi”, thus leaving a free place in my very exclusive (in the sense of: short) list of endorsed blogs.

The choice has fallen on “Traditional Catholic Priest”, the excellent blog of Father Carota, discovered some time ago thanks to the suggestion of a kind reader.

I can – obviously – not say I always agree with everything Father says – as a coincidence, he has juts posted an invitation to get rid of one’s TV set, with which I happen not to agree -, but I have no doubts this is a blog not only of exceptional quality, but very candid in its defence of Traditionalism. A truly edifying and refreshing reading. 

Those of you who do not know this blog could do much worse than to follow the link on the right hand side, under “Blogroll”, and discover a pearl of the Catholic blogosphere.


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  1. Agree 100% with your choice:+) I’d keep the TV too…but only to use for movies:+) God bless~

  2. One of my favorite blogs. He has a simple candor which shows what a truly “humble and simple” faith is.

  3. I’ve been reading father Carota’s blog for a while now, I enjoy it very much. He speaks clearly, with great love for God, the church and the latin mass. I don’t always agree with him on small things, but i’m with him with everything else. May God bless this courageous priest.

  4. I like his blog, though I don’t always agree with it

  5. I got rid of my TV three years ago and am happy with that.

  6. Does anyone know what happened to David Werling and his blog?

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