Is The Pope a Jesuit?

Decidedly, breathtaking hypocrisy is another mark of the Bishop of Rome.

Having decided it is now time to give some bird food to the Neocon pigeons, Francis has looked for something orthodox in Pope Paul VI's archives and has come out with very fitting words about the necessity of being faithful to the Church, and uphold her doctrine. He has also told the Notre Shame people one can't do what he wants with doctrine. Fitting words, indeed.

Only problem is that his entire papacy is in blatant contradiction to his words. Let me state this once again, so that it does not look like it was a slip of the keyboard: this man's hypocrisy is breathtaking.

This blog could consist entirely of refutations of the infinite, almost daily ways in which this man either denies Christ, or insults the Blessed Virgin, or sabotages Church teaching, or expresses himself in a confused and at times outright creepy way. The last post was just yesterday evening, and it would shame every Papacy alone. Please note I try to write about other issues too; but by the barrage of nonsense we get from the man it gets rather difficult at times.

This is the same man who now has the insolence of telling us that we must be faithful to what the Church teaches.

Is the Pope a Jesuit?

Yes. Quite the Jesuit.



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  1. Co-opting your combox again, M:+) Thought you would like this post on the defining lines between liberal/progressive vs traditional in the Church. I was bummed that in the com-box a commenter noted that the encyclicals weren’t infallible. So my question is: how do I know which ones are? Enjoy the article:+) God bless~

    • A truly excellent article, so I let the message pass… 😉

      It’s extremely clear Francis is a liberal.

      As to the encyclicals: there are no infallible encyclicals, merely the teaching can be infallible or not. An encyclical will generally contain both: a mixture of infallible teaching and fallible opinions or points of view of the pontiff of the day.

      I’ll try to find an old blog post on the matter.


  2. I tell you, Mundabor, it is amazing how you quickly managed to grasp the maligne essence of Bergolio. It is frustrating to read traditional blogs written in English (with the notable excedption of Rorate, although they are not so vocal). They still don´t seem to understand who are we dealing with. I talked some days ago with a good traditional Argentine priest based in USA, and asked if he had any clue on why did the American Cardinals supperted Bergoglio at the Conclave. His answer was that Americans can be naive, and that they really did not know much the man. If this is true, they would have a hard time when the day of their judgments come. I thought the Cardinals were supposed to know ver well every candidate to Papacy. Isnt´that their job? Bishop of Rome capacity of hipocrisy and damage is beyond their imagination. He is the responsible of the total wreck of the Church in Argentina. He has fiercely persecuted every single good priest for the mere fact of wearing a cassok, he hates orthodoxy in a pathological way. A short anecdote: punished jesuits in Buenos Aires (punished for being orthodox) are confined in a house in named Regina Martyrum; there was a common say among them in the last years: they called Bergoglio “the infestated”. Many think that he was under some diabolical influx on infestation. I can personally attest this because I heard it directly from them. Please continue with your work, Regards.

  3. Church Militant TV points out that the Bishop of Rome told Notre Dame to continue with their mission and CMTV is surmising that big, bad Cardinal Wurl may have whispered in Francis’ ear that everything is hunky-dorey and orthodox at ND. CMTV also has a litany of all the destructive, soul-destroying shenanigans that are going on at Notre Dame and wonders if Francis really knows about it. What do you think?

    • I have stopped watching Voris, as I find no instruction in the dealing of secundary issues when there is a huge elephant in the room.

      As to Notre Shame, AFAIK Francis invited them to be orthodox, but then he did not say they weren’t, so everyone will, as always, read him as he pleases.


  4. You know, Protestants think the Jesuit order was created to infiltrate Protestantism and Catholicize it…but its pretty clear that in reality its Protestantizing the Catholic church. Some anti-Calvinists also think Calvinism was created by the Jesuit…wouldn’t be too surprising considering how much Francis the Jesuit likes to call everyone “Pelgians” (a favorite Calvinist passtime).

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