Francis Is MTV Man Of The Year

Mundabor's "Buffoon of the Year" award goes to Pope Francis.

No, he is struly that.



This was also the year when Pope Francis spoke out about a range of contentious topics including: homosexuality, wealth accumulation, abortion and birth control, challenging the church to become more compassionate, inclusive and accepting of love over dogma, while also pushing the church to serve a broader purpose in the lives of its followers. He simultaneously questioned his own absolute authority, asking “Who am I to judge?” in reference to a person’s sexual preference, showcasing a radical sense of humility for a figure of his prominent stature.

This is, I think, not a spoof and comes courtesy of the reader Trof4st.

Words fail me.

Now, you might say that this is not exactly what the Pope said; but by the umpteenth liberal outlet who understands him so without any will of the man – who actually basks in his popularity – to correct his public image, even my cat understands this is the way he wants to be understood.

We are now eagerly awaiting for Francis to correct his consolidated image of buffoon of the liberal society. After all, he is supposed to be the Pope, and someone should tell him a word or two about the job description.

Don’t hold your breath.


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  1. Seems to be true —
    The world is now surreal.
    Presumably he will now be interviewed for Playboy Magazine.

  2. How is not fighting evil an act of humility? How is helping millions fall into hell humility? Both MTV and Pope Francis have no intellect informed by faith. May the Lord have mercy on them all. God bless~

  3. That is really disturbing. Off-the-cuff does not work for a figurehead as prominent and important as the Pope. I can’t stand all the disparaging comments going Benedict XVI’s way when they compare ‘Lovely, Forgiving Pope Francis’ to the ‘Draconian, Hateful Pope Benedict.’ Makes one wonder what they had known Pope St. Pius X! Yikes! 😉

    • Makes one wonder whether Francis knew and approved the text in advance.
      Makes one wonder how this could possibly not have been the case.
      Makes one wonder what kind of man this one is.


  4. Lord have mercy, God save us from this…The world praises, something must be wrong.

  5. In addition to the mtv text, there is a stomach-turning video in which the narrator declares: “mtvu is thrilled to announce our 2013 Man and Woman of the Year: Pope Francis and New Zealand pop diva Lorde, an unexpected pair whose bold and unexpected declarations went against the status quo of their respective communities. Pope Francis surprised the world and the Catholic Church this year by speaking out about abortion, the importance of women, and homosexuality–challenging the church to become more inclusive and accepting of love over dogma. While there is doubt that Pope Francis’s statements will change the teachings of the Catholic Church, he has proven to be a compassionate leader that will not succumb to dogmatic pressures. [Pope is heard stating in Italian, “If a person is gay and has good will, who am I to judge?”] As the pope was effecting change from the pinnacle of one of the world’s most popular religions, a 17-year-old in New Zealand was making an impact through her music….

  6. ‘contentious topics including: homosexuality, wealth accumulation, abortion and birth control, challenging the church to become more compassionate, inclusive and accepting of love over dogma.’

    …let me guess which, if any, are…….the negatives……………..something beginning with wealth…

    p.s. as for the new Ms O’Connor, someone raised on ‘Neil Young, Otis Redding, Sylvia Plath and [alas] TS Eliot [even more confused than the others, proclaiming himself a “classicist in literature, royalist in politics, and anglo-catholic [sic] in religion…[with a] Catholic cast of mind, a Calvinist heritage, and a Puritanical temperament”] well, never mind the bollocks; it’s not the new Shirley Temple’s fault if she was raised with one dose of heirachical this and that and another dose of poor Ms Plath’s psychosis, who is, after all, the most authentic example of feminism God permitted – exceptional, famous, brilliant, in therapy, survived ECT, a mother, abandoned, a suicide. God rest her soul and those of her fatherless children].

    At least ‘Lordeeeee’ [(quote)’and I’m in love with being Queen’] could claim (given her upbringing and the possibility that she must have encountered a three clawed ex-Catholic agent who came up with the name, ‘lorde’) invincibal ignorance.

    What’s Brogoglio’s excuse? Invincible jesuitance?

  7. invincible vanity…sounds satanic, but i think you may have hit upon a contemporary neurosis that could end up being espoused in the confessional.

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