In Defence Of Father Robert Mann

I found on my comment box the following post: 

[…]. Fr. Robert Mann, who has sometimes commented on this blog is in a great deal of trouble for asking a teacher to remind pupils attending a Mass in preparation for their Confirmation that they should not come forward for Holy Communion if they did not attend Mass the Sunday before without having a valid reason. The teacher marched the pupils out of the church back to school. Parents became involved and were outraged at a priest saying this. Protests were organized…and of course guess who the archdiocese sided with…yep the parents. So giving Holy communion to anyone now is fine. Please pray for Fr.Mann, the battle is by no means over.

Seriously, what disgraceful times we live in. This is an exemplary priest who is doing exactly what he has been ordained for, and is attacked by the bigotry of stupid laymen. Unsurprisingly, the Apparatchicks of the Archdiocese then side with the angry (and, I am rather sure, gravely sinning; then those who have a clean conscience do not react in this way upon hearing basic facts of Catholicism) teacher, then in the Church of Francis the only grave sin is to remind the faithful about the very existence of grave sins.

It’s time to put Catholicism back in Catholicism. People like the Protestant teacher in question have no business teaching in a Catholic school, at all. They should pray and, in time, convert. 

The enemy is among us. 

Please pray for the good father, and for the restoration of sanity. 


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  1. I really cant help beginning to believe that the Catholic Religion in which I was born and raised has been banned,and that it is now a totally new religion.One that I increasingly find more and more repulsive every day.

  2. Dear M, thanks for your kind words. Yes it is a difficult time and for me it seems that people today don’t want to be reminded of their duty to God. As long as the priest talks about love and doesn’t spell out what the love of God calls us to then everyone will be happy. I can see that it is going to get evermore difficult for priests who want to teach the Catholic Faith in its entirety to function within the novus ordo establishment. I can see no immediate solution except to trust God’s Providence to work its design and so steady our nerve for worse to come. Consoling words of Christ – if they hated me they will hate you too – we should keep to the forefront of our minds in these terrible times, for they gives us strength to face the attacks with a degree of serenity and it indeed to trust that what God permits to come our way will indeed the best. God bless, Fr. R

    • Thanks, father, and be assured you will be in my prayers and in those of, I am sure, many of my readers.

      As to the solution, well if it is partout not possible to function within the NO establishment…

      but I know you know it already, so I will stop there.

      Good luck. Let me know if I can help.


  3. Prayers, of course. What a dreadful situation. 😦

  4. Definitely praying for the good priest in question.

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