Francis: Outside Of “The Community” There Is No Salvation.

Sing with Francis!

“No one saves oneself. The community is essential”.

This is, alas, Francis tweeting.

The tweet is a good example of his papacy: senseless waffle, 100% Catholicism-free, that confuses the faithful and means either nothing or something very bad, but it certainly sounds cool among the uninstructed, the teens and the stupid.

Promptly, 5825 people with no clue retweet, and 5,290 put this sugary sounding rubbish among the “favourites”. I can imagine the excited girlie talk: “I have just favourited the Pope!”. “I have retweeted him! Isn't he sooo cool?”. “Yeah! totally wicked, totally!”.

So: what does this nonsense mean? One of three, I would say:

1. Nothing. It sounds good, though. “Community” sells. Can you feel the fluffy feeling? We are the world, we are the children…

2. We must help each other. When we help each other and the environment we will earn salvation because we have been so supportive of one another, and of the environment; and we know already from Francis that God always forgives, but Nature will frock you very hard if you displease her, and she will not forgive you at all. Cool tweet, then. So Pelagian.

3. We need the Church to be saved, because there is no salvation outside of the Church. But wait, let us not say “Church”. It's so controversial. Muslims and Jews could get angry and say I am not inclusive. I can't do that. Particularly now that I am getting “man of the year” awards like it's going out of fashion, and the Dalai Lama is green with envy. So, let me find an inclusive word instead; one that faithful of every religion and none will find acceptable. Oh, yes, “community” will do admirably. “The community is essential”. Ok, only God saves in the end, and there is no salvation outside of the Church. I know that, so it's all fine. Hey, I am a son of the Church, no? No problem then: “community” it is.


And so Francis tweets, or approves of, this nonsense. Hundreds of thousands, most of them clearly as Catholic as my cat, read in it the only thing it is possible to read: we, the brave community of the inclusive, help each other to salvation – whatever that means, and without excluding those for whom it doesn't mean anything – by being so inclusive, fighting against “H8”, and loving the Polar Bear Cub.

Nothing to do with Catholicism, of course. But then again so is most of what Francis says. Predictably, the heathenish crowds are extremely pleased. Archbishops – or archdioceses – start to retweet. Because it's so smart.


Mind, I do not say Pope should necessarily not tweet. But if they really want to tweet, and if they really care for the job description, Twitter could be a wonderful instrument to spread the Truth in a crystal clear manner.

“There is no salvation outside of the Church” is, say, a sentence wonderfully fit for tweeting and, in stark contrast to the tweet at the beginning of this post, actually Catholic. Many such brutally Catholic and brutally true messages could be sent through a medium like Twitter. The slanderous insults would have no end, giving another beautiful example of world hating the Truth. The number of those who follow the Pope because they are at least honest enough to know he will write uncomfortable things would probably also rise.

But you see: he wouldn't be popular. He would be hated and vilified. That's just not Francis, the ringmaster of Circus Bergoglio.

“Community” it is, then.



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  1. Possible tweet:

    My Friend just had a massive heart attack today. Still with us, God willing. But pray for her daughter at this time who has already tried to kill herself once. Life is so precious, it is our time of living in God’s mercy. Why waste it only to be delivered to that day when Justice will demand that which we refused to let mercy court.

    or some such ordinary Catholic consideration.

  2. You do realize that the phrase “There is no salvation outside the Church” goes against Catholic catechism that was established during Vatican II.

    • This is either a refined joke, or so stupid it is tragic you don’t see the stupidity of your own words.

      I hope you are joking.

      I hope it for you, that is.


  3. St. Benedict's Thistle

    Waiting with bated breath for the interpretations to come rolling in.

  4. Oh yes, “the community” schtick. That, and the Eucharist being a beautiful “meal” shared. That is what was pounded into the heads of my children upon preparing for First Holy Communion a decade ago. So sickeningly Protestant. So inoffensive, so inclusive. Where is the Zofran (ondansetron) when I need it?!

    Love that line about the Dali Lama being green with envy.

  5. I hate the word community…as an introvert, people are the last thing on my mind. No Salvation outside the Church would have killed the popularity of Pope Humble….so noooo, that can’t be.

  6. And the perfect commercial that embodies this ideal (featured during the Super Bowl). Watch all the way to the end…there is even the “who are we to judge” moment…

    As the church goes, so goes the world.

  7. Ubi Maria, ibi Ecclesia

    Oh. No… “It takes a village.” Bleh! May God preserve us from this plague, and especially those of you who devote time to digesting ( ughh) this rubbish to summarize for us all. If it is not clear to folks that he is not teaching what the Church holds and teaches what will ever convince them?
    Libera nos, Domine!

  8. I’m not a theologian and I could be easily mistaken , however : if one agrees with Pope -ehm,
    Bishop of Rome-Francis, if a person should become the last person on earth, would he be automatically damned , no matter what he believes and wether has the catholic faith ? Or does the Bishop of Rome think -this last person IS ‘the community ‘ ?

  9. That sounds like famed former ‘community organiser’, Barack Hussein Obama, no?

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