Look! A photo-op!

Let us imagine you – an impersonal and fully fictional “you”; not you who are reading this – are an erotic-slash-porn actor waiting for the next movie to come out. The movie could be your great occasion, or at least so you think; therefore you must try to get as many headlines as you can.

Being an entertainer – of sorts – you know how entertainers think: they must find the unusual, the different, the funny to get the headlines. “Postman delivers letters” clearly isn't going to work.

Luckily for you, you have a parrot, and you know that Francis is, well, as much of an entertainer as you are: unable to resist the temptation of the next photo-op, the next headline, the next funny event that will put him in the limelight. This comes, I am told, from his modesty and simplicity.

At this point, it isn't difficult for the erotic-slash-porn actor: the parrot will be the bait and Francis will eat it hook, line and sinker. Just teach the parrot to say “Francis”, or “Pope”, or “Amen”, or whatever he will be willing to learn fast, and Bob's your uncle: the Pope will want the photo, the photo will be everywhere, and people will interview you.

Punctually happened. Erotic-slash-porn actor brings the parrot near Francis; the latter is obviously unable to resist the next headline-grabbing photo-op; and the chap is then interviewed at leisure, and free to plug his own movie and erotic-slash-porn career.

What sweets are for a little child, photo-ops are for Francis. He just can't resist them.

Can't wait for the transsexual, or the all-out porn star, or the “femen” females getting near him with one of these baits and suddenly baring it all.

What a smart Pope we have.

And so humble.



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  1. Maybe it’s an exorcism ????

  2. Time Online also notes that the male stripper turned porn star was at the Square with his wife and two daughters. Gotta make a living somehow to support the young’uns.

  3. Alcaw, Polly want a Pope!

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