Francis Abandons Ship On Sexual Perversion.

Francis is, as we all know, not one to judge. If you smell of favela and come from the “outskirts”, or else say to him you are “of good will”, he will leave you free to do whatever you please without as much as raising an eyebrow. Actually, though, it seems he does perfectly nothing even when the Head of State (Italians would use “head” in another context now; but I digress…) of France, the old teenager Francois Hollande, comes to visit.

Last time I looked in the news, sodomy was not part of the agenda between the two. Why is that? Because Francis is not interested in talking about it, of course.

Think of this: even when Western leaders met Soviet leaders, there were always mentions of the value they share. No Western Head of State would visit Russia without at least having on record that the situation of perverts over there has been addressed. The Pope, though, does not think that the issue of sodomy be worth at least a polite statement about the Vatican's and the Teenager's total disagreement on the matter.

This, as just another wave of Manif pour Tous takes place in France.

If Francis were a decent Pontiff rather than a disgraceful… bishop of Rome, he would not miss one occasion to support the brave men and women fighting for basic morality in France. Instrad, he abundantly shows that to him they are an embarrassment.

Being Francis, he will certainly throw some bird food to the pigeons every now and then: he does have to if he want to show he is Catholic, uncomfortable as this will let him feel. But everytime he can show to the secular society how much he does not care he will do, as the Hollande visit clearly shows.

Hollande should have come back to France with every Frenchman knowing he is the enemy of Christ and his Church. This can be done diplomatically but effectively. Again, look at the West's behaviour toward Putin: is there anyone in the West not knowing what the stance of the Post-Christian Western European States is? As it is, Hollande came back knowing from that corner he has nothing to fear.

This is how Francis betrays Christ and His Church, whilst he collects magazine covers from the adoring godless world.


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  1. Too true!

  2. I think it’s God’s wrath on people who practice sodomy to have the Pope do nothing as they traipse into hell. God bless~

  3. Ubi Maria, ibi Ecclesia

    The good Bishop of Rome does not have a record of supporting anyone who is supporting morality and the teachings of the Church. This was clear from the beginning if we recall his activities in Argentina. Many people hoped that he would begin to act in the manner of a faithful shephard after his election and the graces of his state, but we have seen perhaps even worse. In fact, he appears to betray the faithful sheep into the hands of the seculars. I have grave concerns for his alliances with these seculars who are part of the culture of death. This is just my opinion. I fear worse is going to happen because he himself has gone out of his way to alienate traditional Catholics and to identify them TO THE ENTIRE WORLD with being the problem – troublemaking elements disruptive of “unity” and community”. If (when) he portrays us this way and abandons us to the penalties that the secular powers have prepared then we will be persecuted in a more open manner, I believe. Ave Maria.

    • Ah, but look!
      Once, in 2010, he spoke out against same sex marriage! You don’t say! It is astonishing how many alibis neocons can fabricate for this tool.

      I am tempted to write a blog post saying “I have written 2000 post defending Catholicsm. This is good for the next 6000 to 8000 years then. I will now stop blogging. Please pray for me as I play videogames instead”.

      And I am not the Pope, mind.


  4. What did the Pope say the the man addicted to surfing the internet ?

    “Who am I to Drudge”.

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