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“The practice of sport is a human right. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.” –Olympic Charter

This is the oh so moving statement which appeared this morning on my screen as I happened to use – which I do every time I forget to use duckduckgo – the Google service. The link with the Winter Olympics might, methinks, not be entirely casual.

Now, this statement could make half sense – and we would have to discuss about that, too; very much so – if the Russian Government had declared that any known and openly homosexual athlete will be stopped at the frontier and not allowed to take part to the games. Last time I looked, though, nothing of the sort had happened, and the terrible crime of the Russian government is merely to ban homosexual propaganda to minors; which is still far milder than, say, Christianity all over Europe only two generations ago, where sodomising faggotry was pretty much everywhere a criminal offence.

Now, our little queens at Google do not make an explicit statement concerning this. They avoid directly angering the Russian Government, whilst sending a message pleasing enough to the secular masses in the West. It is as if hundreds of millions of people would wake up every morning with a keen desire to “feel good” in some way or other, and Google – who are every bit as rotten as the UN – were only too happy to oblige with sugary good-ism that doesn't even make a real statement, but allows the popolo bue – ah, you should learn Italian! – to swallow another pill of self-validation.

Obviously, Google will not be alone in this kind of exercise. Expect a real festival of sugary statements from politicians everywhere in the West. They pander not only to the very tiny minority of perverts – be assured they don't care for them; and would let them fall like hot potatoes if it was politically expedient – but to the masses of people who decided to make of this tiny minority their favourite pet, at least for the time being.

I know it's difficult to avoid Google. I lapse myself, as Google is now so omnipresent at home and at work that one forgets to avoid them; particularly considering DuckDuckGo isn't really good at image search, which I need for this blog anyway, so I kept falling back to them as a matter of course. Still, we could do worse than putting an extra effort to avoid Google, or at least to avoid it more often. Difficult, I know; but every little helps, at least as a small signal that, if not noticed at Google's headquarters, will be noticed in Heaven.

May I suggest, for this day, three Hail Marys for Mr Putin. I know he is not Catholic, but it seems to me in many things he is more Catholic than, well, the Bishop of Rome, and the former certainly takes his duty to defend Christian values far more seriously than the latter.

Long live Mr Putin, then, and may the Lord inspire him to a more and more incisive action in defence of Christian values.



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  1. I agree, having been on Mr Putin’s side from his first Presidency on. Despite all the hate he earned in France at that time, and which he presently is still earning more. I hope that nothing terrible will occur during the Olympic Games (I think of Munich, a certain time ago), and despite I think Foreign forces could try to do the worst. And I hope also that the whole Ukraine will bend towards Russia.

    “La Sainte Russie” (Saint Russia) stands under the protection 1) of the Saint Virgin Mary, and 2) under the protection of Saint Nicholaus (bishop of Myre, a real bishop this one). Pray them for the protection of Mr Putin and of Saint Russia.

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

  2. I have an idea for a new event at the Sochi Olympics. It’s the Fag Run. A bunch of kiddie lovers will take off on the track. A few seconds later a group of angry adults with various weapons will take off to chase them. The object of this event is for the sods to reach the finish line without getting killed. I think this would be verrrrry popular in Russia, since there will be some losers who don’t make it.

  3. Mundabor,
    “May I suggest, for this day, three Hail Marys for Mr Putin. I know he is not Catholic…”
    In the spirit of ecumenism with our separated Christian brother I have prayed three Hail Mary as you suggested… 😉

  4. Let Putin work at restoring Orthodox Christianity in Russia.
    I seem to remember something about the conversion of Russia back to the True Church… which might happen by reunification of Orthodoxy and Catholicism…
    Do I spot a divine game plan there…?

    • But should not Russia be consecrated to the Blessed Virgin first? Perhaps with the next Pope?


    • Mundabor,
      was there not some kind of imperfect consecration some time ago under John Paul II, that did not mention Russia by name and was therefore not deemed sufficient by most Fatima adherents? And was this not just a few years before the fall of the Soviet Union that set in motion a chain of events currently leading to the restoration of Orthodoxy in Russia?

      I am not an expert on Fatima by any means, and therefore not well positioned to doubt their opinions or argue cogently against them. But it would seem to me very fitting if the effective consecration of Russia were to be in some way imperfect, not exactly as requested by the Blessed Virgin, but still mercifully deemed sufficient by the Virgin and her Son. Would it not show once again very powerfully that the Virgin Mother helps her children even if they flail about helplessly, messing up even the simplest of instructions, as long as they at least try to do the right thing, however clouded by weakness, fear or doubt their minds might become? Again, if I am completely on the wrong track with this speculation, I will accept correction gratefully.

      In any case, as Russia is just being prepared for her return to Orthodoxy, and obviously not ready yet to convert to Catholicism, the true consecration might happen in ten years, or even in fifty, and what we are seeing in Russia now could be an effect of the future consecration applied retroactively by an eternal God, so that (from our time-bound point of view) the consecration is still in the future, but some of its effects, as foreseen from all eternity, are already happening today.

    • I am not the Fatima expert either.
      I remember Pius XII going very near with sacro vergente anno, but this was short of the requirements. Then both Paul VI and JP II made consecrations of sort (somethign like, “the world and particularly Russia”, can’t be bothered to look for the exact formula), which were deemed short of the target either because it was not done together with the bishops or was not directly targeted at Russia. AFAIK, those “in the know” are still waiting.

      As to your second point, I would say that if the Blessed Virgin asks she also demands obedience, but I cwertainly understand your point. If we consider that Communism has imploded, we can probably say the Blessed Virgin has showwered enough blessings on Russia and ouselves already, more than we have merited for certain.

      I do not think the “shortness” of the consecration is to attribute to clumsiness. Durign Pius XII’s reign it was probably considered not expedient to make it all at that point (because of the cold war), possibly inviting a persecution of bishops and priests in all the communist world. The successors of Pius XII seem not to have had any interest in showing they follow an apparition verbatim, either because they lack faith in it (no Pope is obliged to believe in the Fatima apparitions) or in order not to ingenerate the impression a Pope is supposed to do whatever it is purported the Blessed Virgin has said in an apparition (again, because no one is obliged to believe in any apparition).

      If I were the Pope, I would proceed without delay. But again, I do believe in the apparition. There is no obligation to believe in any apparition, and therefore no obligation for any Pope to follow it.


  5. The coverage we had in the States last night (Wed.) of the Olympics seemed as if it was meant to be an object lesson from the US to Mr. Putin. A well-known and medaled male skater (Russian) came out to the ice and blessed himself, perhaps Eastern-style, although he appeared to be wearing a brown scapular. He gave a sterling performance.
    The next fellow was a gay and proud American. The commentators talked about his nerves frequently getting the better of him, and also made snide comments about Putin. He glided into his first jump and landed on his bottom. The commentators talked about how he’d have to skate well to finish. After his second fall, the once-friendly commentators began criticizing him for letting down his team and ruining their chance for a medal. However, after he calmed down, he felt good about himself and said he should do well now that he’d gotten through that first performance. Now the talkers were really mad because he didn’t seem to care that he ruined the opportunity of a medal for the US team.
    So the object lesson really ended up being for the US: don’t push a nervous, average-ability, homosexual skater out front to show defiance to Putin. It obviously came back to bite my country. I’m sorry that part of me was laughing. 😉 Sorry also about the length…

    • I am not following the event. is it so, that the… girl was preferred to better able.. men because he could be used as a flag by the satanic Obama administration? It sound strange to me that one with such problems would be part of an olympic team of a country like the US, who generally can have their own picks as to who they send.

      Honestly, I hope Russia does very well in these games.


  6. Mundabor,

    as per your 02/07014 8:48 pm comment : yes, as per intentions for the SSPX Rosary Crusade !


  7. Sir,
    the olympic ceremony started with the alphabet in cyrillic, each Capital letter spoken aloud and acompnied by the image of some vey famous Russian, all very quickly presented. The first one before an a was from an icon, depicting St Cyrillus and Methodius knelt and showing a book- thought it wad the Gospel – obvioisly written in cyrillic. Just to remind that Russia is Russia for its Church. Patriarch Kirill visited the olympic area and blessed all the sport venues.
    In the end Usa flag bearer was a male, I mean a real male, athete, because, allegedly, the first choice, the lesbian one, had fallen ill.
    As for the Russian skater, he’ s one of the best ever, and he always signs himself at the start. Many other Russian athletes do the same. To be honest, even some Italians do that. Mountain people are still quite faithful, usually .
    Rosa, Milan

    • St Cyrillus and Methodius! Heavens! What did the UN say? 😉

      I wonder whether the3 lesbian has been invited to fall ill? Didn’t they have a substitute lesbian, or at least fag? I liked “I mean a real male”, by the way…

      It’s good that one signs himself. I always like to see, say, Italian and South American footballers (soccer) do it. But if one lives a life of open scandal, it won’t avail much.


  8. Three Hail Mary’s for President Putin tonight, and as often as my poor memory serves me 🙂 I agree that, as far as we can tell, it appears that the President of Russia has far more common sense and basic morality, let alone his outspoken and persistent voice in defense of Christianity and the moral cesspool the West is fading into. At least he’s trying to save his country from the same fate. God bless and protect all the athletes participating, the spectators and the Russian people who are being smeared by the American mainstream media propaganda machine. I hope it all come off without a hitch.

  9. Not only the Russian athletes sign before starting their trial, but even wear necklaces with crosses, small, but clearly visible.
    The UN and IOC will be frothing at their mouth, LOL

  10. Our Itallian skate championess, Carolina Kostner danced, er…skatec as an angel on the ” Ave Maria” music, Schubert of course

  11. Yes, I am fairly certain that the American, nonmasculine, male ice dancer was offered a chance to compete, above equally- or more highly-skilled American skaters. This is a peculiar situation: really a case of, as we say, ‘cutting off your nose to spite your own face’. It was really evident after seeing how the bragging, critical-of-Putin, commentators turned on the skater so quickly as he failed. They wouldn’t have done so if he had just mildly failed, I’m sure.
    I don’t keep up much with news or television, but it seems the whole episode has been ‘forgotten’. Perhaps it is available if googled. I almost felt sorry for him…

    • It i sstrange how Anglo-saxon socities seem to specialise in this “reverse discrimination” (here: of those who aren’t perverts) far more than the other Western societies. At the same time, might it be that the commenters turning on the skater show that the deference toward the mantra of the “good fag who must be supported” is somewhat decreasing? I mean by this: did they not fear some fag organisation calling them “homophobic”?


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