Francis: Predictably, The Appeasement Failed

Then the Vatican complains the UN think they are their superior…

It must be rather funny, these days, for the army of people with a very thin varnish of Catholicism – you know the type: the “I am a baptised Catholic, but my theology is so evidently superior” types – who have thought, as many of them must have thought, that it’s so simple really: you stop obsessing with the remnants of an ancient past and embrace modernity , and peace will be declared between the world and the Church. I am rather sure many of these people, tambourine priests among them, were wondering why it had not happened before, and we had to wait the year 2013 for a Pope who just “gets the people” and is “in tune” with the world.

Whilst I never underestimate human blindness or plain stupidity, I dare to hope in the months and years to come some people will open their eyes and recognise a simple truth of life: the Church and the world cannot be more reconciled than the devil and the holy water; not now, not ever.

The recent lecturing of the Vatican – which is, in fact, a lecturing of the Church and Her Truths – from the side of the United Demons is the clearest signal to day of this, again, inescapable fact of life. Appeasement has never worked, does not work, and will never work, because the Church Herself exists because of the fundamentally irreconcilable ways of the Church and of the World.

If the Church could make peace with the world, the Church would simply have no reason to exist, and an impressive demonstration of this is that when vast parts of the earthly Church try to at least get to a truce, or a ceasefire, with the world, the Church herself is gravely wounded and reduced to factual irrelevance in vast territories in the short time of one or two generations; with only the promise of Indefectibility saving her from the self-destruction to which this stupid attitude would otherwise condemn her in another two or three generations at most.

And so there we are: the church – I mean, the people who represent Her as an institution – tries to accommodate the world’s demands; but the world is insatiable, and will never stop posing new demands after the old ones have been appeased.

You “don’t judge” sodomites, and the world will demand that you recognise their inherent goodness; you “don’t obsess” about abortion, and the world will demand that you support it; you want to be “in tune” with the world, and the world will ask you to practice what you preach.

No black shoes, simple cars and other more or less subversive shows of “humbleness” will ever change anything on this, because in this matters the conflicts deals with the very essentials.

If Francis thought his lack of teeth – or worse – in matter of sexual perversion and abortion will persuade the world to leave him alone, now he will be forced to learn his lesson and understand that, much as the world may flatter him, it will require his tribute from him anyway; a tribute so high, in fact, that not even Francis will ever be able to pay it; this, even assuming he would want to, which I sincerely hope is not the case.

If, on the other hand, Francis has no illusion on the inevitability of conflicts, and merely hopes to increase his own popularity in the world as the man who “does what he can, though he can’t do more” (a strategy clearly followed by the German and Austrian clergy with their rebellious sheep), then his chances are vastly better, but I still think at some point the world will get tired with one sitting on the fence, and be him the Pope.

The Church is at war with the world. She must be, because this is why She exists. No Pope will ever be able to get rid of this war as easily as he can get rid of the Mozzetta. Therefore, the only way is the Christian way: to fight against the world frontally and without any desire for truce.

Our side will win in the end. Actually, it has won already. So go on and fight the good fight, good and less good men at the Vatican, instead of trying to appease an enemy that will never be satisfied.


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  1. well said mundabor.the world will never accommodate the one true church-never-never.!no matter what the bishop of rome says,or does.dialogue with the devil or sup with the devil only makes satan happy.look at the latest united nations directive to our church.kill your babies -do it now.dont let your young have children ,and ,if they do show them the way to the abortion factory!then if you are fortunate to actually have a child then you must show them perversity in all its gender forms and sodomite inclinations!god help us all. i wish the pope would bury the lot of them with some sound teachings over the main news platforms of the world once and for all to let them all know what sound catholic teaching is.god bless philip johnson.

  2. That photo is astonishing. Like a punch to the stomach.

  3. Hear, Hear!

  4. Wow! You are so right on with this! And our dear priest this morning spoke about the push back from the world that the proclaiming of Truth will bring such as what happened to St. John the Baptist. Why would the powerful Herod care about a strange man in the desert dressed in camel hair and eating grasshoppers and honey? Well even though his conscience was dead, there was an echo of it in an interior guilt for his sins and that strange man aggravated him. So the strange man was martyred. So even though ‘the world’ promotes child sex, pornography, abortion murder, sodomy, and etc. and says the Church must come on board, still even the shy mention of the hesitant Church on the Truth is like a thorn to the worldly and the echo of their conscience will not rest until that voice is stilled. Like you wrote–there is no compatibility between satan and holy water nor can there be with the Church and the world even though the Church has been trying and has failed mightily in catechizing and proclaiming the Truth boldly…the Truth remains.

  5. 18If the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you. 19If you had been of the world, the world would love its own: but because you are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

    Christ Himself called it a long time ago. When you are being praised by the masses, its almost a guarantee that you are doing something wrong.

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