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Legalising Drugs? Part Two

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The things were, though, not so easy as they seemed at first. Some problems, I saw fairly fast; others, only as I went deeper into Catholic thinking.

Italy isn’t an island. The freedom of movement within Europe which started in 1993 means junkies from all Southern Europe would have been tempted to move to Italy. To a junkie, drug is the very first necessity, and reason of life. Heroin on prescription, of extremely safe quality and extremely cheap, would have meant the risk of an army of junkies moving to Italy without a job or prospects, as the drugs would have been prospect enough. Being EU citizen would have given them automatic, non-discriminatory access to the national health service. Today this would, of course, apply so much more to a country like England, where smart but lazy people live at the taxpayer’s expense for a lifetime, and there is an…

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Legalising Drugs? Part One

Mundabor's Blog

On occasion of Bishop Francis reiterating his opposition to liberalisation (making freely available) or legalisation (making available in certain circumstances) of drugs, yours truly has thought well to express his opinion on the matter.

There was a time (before I went back to be a practicing Catholic) when I thought a certain brand of legalisation, then pushed rather hard in Italy, was the way to go.

Broadly, what found my approval was the following proposal: light drugs like Marijuana remain illegal, with attentive enforcement; severe sanctions against not only drug dealers and pushers, but drug users remain in place; but those whom a MD certifies to be addicted can get their drugs at usual ticket price, with the normal – and very efficient – controls already in place for already legalised drugs like, say, morphine (whose medical use is common in Italy).

The thinking behind this is brutally simple: making…

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FFI: Sign The Petition… Again!

Monsignor was becoming slightly nervous.

Monsignor was becoming slightly nervous.


I have already invited my readers to sign the FFI petition.

This petition was launched by the excellent Roberto de Mattei to demand the dismissal of Monsignor Fox; in Italian: Volpi.

It seems the FFI matter is getting momentum now.

Father Z links to a new petition, that will be officially launched today. 

This is a different petition, addressed to the Secretay of State, Archbishop Parolin.

For your convenience, the text is here.

You can either print and send via surface mail, or scan and send via email at the address therein given.

This a good way to give our little help.

Make no mistake: the pressure is growing, and this will not stop. 

Hopefully, soon it will be open season for the… fox hunt.





Saturday: What A Beautiful Day To Dump Starbucks!

Dump Starbucks

The days are getting longer; and for some, perhaps, warmer.

One feels more encouraged to spend more time outside. The weekend is in front of us.

What a beautiful occasion to remind ourselves to Dump Starbucks  this season!


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