The Feminazi, The She-god, And The Baby In The Womb.

She-god clearly entrusted millions of Jews to him, then…

Hilarious blog post of the Puffington Post, where the argument is clearly made that the fact God has put the baby in the womb means God has given the woman the right to decide whether she wants to kill him or not. The Feminazi’s “to do list” includes the literal words:

“Abortion can be a difficult decision, we agree, but God obviously trusted women to make that decision: look where She put the embryo”.

This is beyond parody (have you noted God is “She”? Capitalised, even. Such a devoted follower. I am moved). Still, let us follow this Nazi logic and let us see where it leads us.

If the logic is to work, then slavery must be perfectly legitimate, provided the baby is born from a slave in, say, Alabama ca. 1840. There can be no doubt she-god put him there: in that womb, in that plantation, in that legal status.

Or you could make the case for infanticide: she-god has obviously made the baby as harmless and as dependent from the care of the mother in his first weeks and months of life, as he was in the womb. Actually, it is factually much easier to kill a baby after birth than it is to smash his skull and tear his limbs in the womb (this is what happens as a result of a late “difficult decision”, by the way). Following the logic of our Nazi-ette, it’s obvious her she-god wants the mother to be free to decide whether the baby shall live or, say, have his skull smashed in exactly the same way as with a late term abortion, but at no danger or physical discomfort to her.

Many permutations of this Nazi logic are thinkable, but I would like to mention just a third one: if this logic applies, the Holocaust of German and Austrian Jews is perfectly justified, because it is obvious she-god wanted for them to find themselves in the Third Reich; in the womb, so to speak, of Nazi Germany by 1933 for many of them, and by 1938 at the latest for th eothers. On reflection, the same reasoning can be applied to, say, Polish and Russian Jews, whose falling within the Third Reich by way of invasion was certainly known to she-god from before all time.

What shocks more of these people is not the logical non-existence of their childish arguments; you read a lot of childish arguments on liberal blogs. No: it is the cold-blooded, shocking cruelty inhabiting their minds; the deep Nazism of their thinking without even the extenuating circumstance of the unceasing propaganda and the suffocation of every alternative opinion that the likes of Dr Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler created in Germany.

The Nazis are among us.


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  1. Well said, sir! The concept of feminine intuition and gentleness is long past…..

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