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Holding On To Francis

Louie Verrecchio has another stellar image that I thought I would reproduce on my blog, besides suggesting that you visit his excellent effort.

As I am by the topic, I would like to make a couple of reflections of my own.

There is in all – also espoused by the Bishop of Rome – talk of inclusiveness in various form – from the inter-religious dialogue to the horrible things committed in the name of peace n luv – the underlying thought that faith in Christ is not necessary for Salvation.

Francis himself says so openly when he allows people to think Atheists can be saved, and also behaves not really better when he sends his wishes to the Mohammedans for the beginning of the Ramadan. But the same is true for all those others – from “Quisling” Nichols visiting Hindu temples, to, well, Cardinal Bergoglio taking part in Jewish ceremonies, to the Assisi rubbish in all its forms – who play the same game for the sake of popularity and an easy life.

You can't have an easy life as a Christian, certainly not in our times. You will have to say it as it is and be called intolerant, uncharitable, “hurting” and obviously homophobic; or get your peace at the price of forgetting Christ and your duties to him.

Which is exactly what Francis and many others love doing, and build their careers on.

Meanwhile, Vincent “Quisling” Nichols is about to become Cardinal, and Father Guarnizo is on the other side of the planet, where his bishop doesn't risk complaints if he refuses to give communion to some frocking dyke.



The Nazis Among Us: A Party To Die For

The end of Satan's Nazi Party

You would have thought the Belgians are at the forefront of Satan's favourite new trend of the moment: euthanasia. I think, though, that the Dutch might, capitalising on the advantage afforded by decades of easy access to drugs, be the leading Country in this matter.

News reach us of an allegedly “wonderful”, ahem, “farewell party”, by which two old, and obviously satanical spouses have decided to party with their own children before killing themselves. There is no record of opposition, and it would appear the five were all very satisfied with both the party and the outcome.

So, how do you organise a “farewell party” like that? You invite your children at home – “please bring the wine; no, the poison is there already” – and receive them in pajama (“I don't like a formal setting when I am killing myself, you know”). Then you listen to some music, and even dance (“dance macabre”, I suppose); possibly you make some jokes, hopefully not very dark ones, though I am sure the audience wouldn't mind that a bit; then, when there has been enough partying and dancing, the party goes to an end – “we'd better go now, mum; remember, you have to kill yourself today!” – and when the two decide it's “time for the oven” (and this is not a joke), then off they go to swallow a pharmacy.

The most absurd of all this is that the two were afraid of suffering. Bar an half miracle in their last moments of consciousness – how big the probability is by such characters, you can imagine by yourself – they will get, in hell, far more of that than they bargained for, and it serves them right.

In pure Nazi style, and perfectly in tune with this XXI Century of ours, the entire story is shrouded in “support” and “understanding”; and we are allowed to glimpse some of the alleged beauty of these seven monsters: two committing a planned suicide, the other five – and their children at that – supporting them all the way; laughing, joking and dancing. In tune with the times, I was saying, because this crime being committed with a smile on the face of all parties involved, to object makes one seem a real party-pooper and “intolerant” chap; that is, guilty of the only mortal sin now universally acknowledged. Niceness at all cost, support for the sake of feeling “supportive” and understanding for whatever comes out of the perverted minds of others are the new gods.

Truly, this is completely and utterly satanical.

There are, now, voices asking for the prosecution of the five, as to assist your parents in their suicidal project is, apparently, still forbidden even in the Netherlands. But seriously, once the way for legalised euthanasia has been paved, how long will it be before such behaviour is generally accepted?

It is always so: abortion is initially legalised only in extreme cases; then the cases become less and less extreme; then they become a “reproductive right” of the murdering mother. Divorce wasn't much different in England, either. Similarly, when the Established Muppet Show introduced wymyn priests, they said it would never apply to bishops. When “civil unions” were introduced, it was said there would never be a question of “marriages”.

It-is-always-so. Everything going against God's laws is seldom introduced point-blank; rather, the “extreme cases” are the start of the slippery slope, from which there can be nothing else than further slipping.

It's difficult to imagine two more serious candidates for hell than these two ill-lived geriatric demons. It really shows a contempt not only for God's laws, but for common decency, that leaves one breathless.

Still, let us reflect on this: whilst God's laws never change, the generally accepted rules concerning “common decency” can change fairly fast, as the transformation of the West in a huge Sodom debating legislative measure to better protect perverts abundantly shows. These two evil people may well be the first of a long series of macabre party hosts.



Not The Usual Pope Benedict Blog Post

The “one year later” Reblog

Mundabor's Blog


If you are sensitive about the Pope, stop reading now. If you continue, consider that I will, most certainly, not publish your comment.


The surprise decision of the Holy Father to step down is only a few hours old, but I am sure you have already read all the sugary stuff your liver can muster.

You are, I hope, not a reader of this blog because you want to read the sugary stuff. If you are, you will be disappointed; but frankly, you haven’t been paying much attention, either.

I have waited before starting to write this post, and have not “stopped” a blog post – and a very bitter one – written two days ago, and scheduled for this evening.  I haven’t, because I do not think that simple facts of life change because of our emotional reactions to historical – and today was truly historical – events.

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