Holding On To Francis

Louie Verrecchio has another stellar image that I thought I would reproduce on my blog, besides suggesting that you visit his excellent effort.

As I am by the topic, I would like to make a couple of reflections of my own.

There is in all – also espoused by the Bishop of Rome – talk of inclusiveness in various form – from the inter-religious dialogue to the horrible things committed in the name of peace n luv – the underlying thought that faith in Christ is not necessary for Salvation.

Francis himself says so openly when he allows people to think Atheists can be saved, and also behaves not really better when he sends his wishes to the Mohammedans for the beginning of the Ramadan. But the same is true for all those others – from “Quisling” Nichols visiting Hindu temples, to, well, Cardinal Bergoglio taking part in Jewish ceremonies, to the Assisi rubbish in all its forms – who play the same game for the sake of popularity and an easy life.

You can't have an easy life as a Christian, certainly not in our times. You will have to say it as it is and be called intolerant, uncharitable, “hurting” and obviously homophobic; or get your peace at the price of forgetting Christ and your duties to him.

Which is exactly what Francis and many others love doing, and build their careers on.

Meanwhile, Vincent “Quisling” Nichols is about to become Cardinal, and Father Guarnizo is on the other side of the planet, where his bishop doesn't risk complaints if he refuses to give communion to some frocking dyke.



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  1. Ubi Maria, ibi Ecclesia

    For those who would attach blame to our speaking openly and truthfully of the errors, please know that our grief is equal to our love of the Church and the papacy. Those who choose to pretend all is well may also sleep better each night that those who carry this love and grief. Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.

    • Very well said.
      And the same goes, if you allow me, for our anger and our desire to be vocal.
      Without making undue comparisons, if one is shouting in the desert he will have to make oneself heard.

  2. Ubi Maria, ibi Ecclesia

    Yes! I thank you for speaking for so many of us who cannot for various reasons. May God keep you always.

  3. Perplexing times, these. The Bishop of Rome is a big fan of doubt, it seems. And yet the Church has traditionally taught – concerning any article of the faith – that voluntary doubt, doubt which is quite deliberately entertained, is a serious sin.

    Indeed, to doubt wilfully what God has revealed, is to question the truthfulness of God. And that is to embrace formal heresy.

    Yes, It’s a funny old world. Let there be no doubt about that at least.

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