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You got to love how some journalists keep their nose in the wind and, uncaring both for the scandal they give and for their own salvation, re-align themselves with the prevailing fashion of the times and, presumably, the will of their chief editors.

The latest example is Ms Christina Odone, who nowadays writes for the “Daily Homograph”, a newspaper that used to be socially conservative and has now sold itself entirely to the lobby of the sodomites, with all this entails.

Ms Odone has a very strange logic: if a person she doesn't like has a certain opinion, this is reason enough for her to have the contrary opinion; though this brilliant criterion presumably only works if the thus obtained opinion is in line with the fashion of the day, and allows her to march in line with the world's army.

We are, therefore, informed by this genius that if Mr Putin is against so-called “same sex marriage”, she must be – how very convenient – in favour. How Ms Odone thinks this can be squared with 2,000 years of Catholicism is beyond me. I actually do not think she cares for a second, though, so her convenient statements make sense in the twisted mind of the opportunist. But then again she “admires” Tatchell, so I shouldn't waste time telling you what kind of circus Catholic is that.

Still, Ms Odone's is a very interesting train of thought. If we follow it, we must deduce that Ms Odone will, upon discovering that Mr Putin is against the Holocaust – or against euthanasia, or child raping, or incest, or bestiality – ipso facto proceed to become a supporter of all these things.

This, or the woman is just looking for an excuse to jump on the secular bandwagon; uncaring for her own coherence, much less dignity, much less salvation; making her theology as she goes along, and trying to give it and herself a varnish of Catholicism as credible as a prostitute preaching chastity.

I warn my readers not to trust these self-appointed “catholic journalists” whose only aim in life seems to be to give scandal to the faithful, and to undermine Catholic teaching in order to advance their own careers and wordly interests. There can be no excuse for such behaviour. Most certainly not for people too privileged and moneyed to claim the extenuating circumstance – if such it would be – that they have been bullied into such scandalous rubbish in order to avoid losing their job and remaining with no prospects, and a family to feed. Which latter would be a questionable excuse anyway, since everyone who embarks in a career as a political or religious journalist must know beforehand what the risks of the profession are, and whether he can afford to keep his own integrity if and when the test comes; because if he doesn't, it means that he has accepted servitude and plate-licking from the start.

Ms Odone is just the last example of everything that is wrong with supposed “catholic” journalists writing for supposed “conservative” rags, who feign to advance the cause of Catholicism and/or Conservatism and make, day in and day out, the work of the devil. Do not listen to their wannabe inclusive tosh, but at the same time do not be discouraged because of the damage they will invariably cause. Providence has arranged from before all time that God's will be done, and not one soul will be lost that God has not decreed should be allowed to be rightly condemned for the rebellion it chose.

I can't avoid thinking hell will be populated, in the next decades, by a rather tobust number of self-appointed “catholic journalists”, keeping company to the perverted “couples” with whom they found so convenient to side.

God knows if it was me, I'd rather die a prostitute than today's Ms Odone. A prostitute might at least be ashamed of what she does, and repent when the time comes. I doubt these self-righteous wannabe intellectuals have the same intellectual honesty; and their trespasses are far graver, as they publicly and openly attack Church teaching under the guise of modernity, inclusiveness or, as in this very stupid example, having to rebel to the Church because you don't like Putin's legislation. Legislation which, mark my words, would not have been out of place in any of the past 2,000 years of Christianity, but it's too much to bear for Ms Odone, the pious admirer of Peter Tatchell.

There will be wailing, and gnashing of teeth.

Beware of the “Homograph”.



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  1. Hello. Are there any British news sites that are worth following regularly anymore? A few years ago the Telegraph had a stable of pretty good bloggers such as Gerald Warner, Toby Harnden and others. I too have noticed, though, that it has steadily declined recently. Now that James Delingpole is leaving I see very little reason to visit it anymore.

    • The simple answer is: not that I know of.
      That’s just how it is.
      A fully secularised country whose readers are either indifferent to religion or obsessed with sex titillations for bored housewives and urban sluts (try the stupid evening standard or the daily mail if you don’t believe me).


  2. One expects Odone to witter on like the airhead she is, but even she outdid herself with this shameful piece. She isn’t the only one. Another Catholic who blogged in the Telegraph on the same day virtually renounced his faith. Even though the two of them have other employment, they have chosen to bend the knee to a new Contents Editor who is said to be demanding a more accessible, read fashionably secular, stance. Expect them to bleat they were only following orders, In reality, it’s their handsome pay packets which are sacred.

    • I seem to have read the odone woman is from a fairly wealthy family. Vanity and desire to conform to one’s social circle must be at play here. Foolish woman.

      As to Will Heaven (I did not have time to blog extra on him), he is far younger I think, and less established, and very possibly – who knows – in need of working. He might be easier to bend; though again no doctor prescribed him to write about Catholicism.


  3. I wonder what the role of Damian Thompson has been in all of this. He’s been influential with Telegraph blogs for a long time. He sometimes is un-PC, yet, at one point a while back, he seems to have recruited a little army of pretty boys to the Telegraph blogs. It was very strange. And while several of them didn’t last long, the blogs continued to slide down a very steep path towards Political Correctness. I don’t know if that was because of or in spite of Thompson. While he seemed at times to be fair towards those of us commenters who weren’t PC, sometimes he seems, well, quite odd.

    And thank you, Mundabor, for your previous reply. I too have found most of the current British press to be “for bored housewives and urban sluts” and/or with oppressive secularist or Neocon biases. Its not terribly different from the situation here in the USA, although at least there still are some fairly vigorous Christian opinion writers here who haven’t yet kissed the feet, or elsewhere, of the current Gay Overlords.

    • Ah, Thompson is one to recruit the “pretty boys”, for sure.
      Search this blog.

      As to the US, you at least have a solid number of web publication that do a good job of being at least conservative. I like the American Thinker and the American Spectator, for example. Then among the newspaper there’s nothing in the UK like the Washington Times.

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