The Blogger’s Shield.

There appear to be a number of bloggers and commenters around wondering “what’s going on” as a prestigious blogger stops blogging with rather difficult to understand arguments, and apparently another one – I will not link to it – has now started to insult the entire Trad culture of Internet blogdom.

Some say it’s blogger fatigue, but I am not persuaded this arguments works.

It is true that Catholic blogging – if properly made – exposes the blog author to both a mountain of daily bad news and the criticism of the V II – or worse – crowd accusing him of being oh so uncharitable. It is true that not every blogger will find in him the energy or, if you allow me the expression, the grit to go on undeterred. Unavoidably, the one or other will simply stop blogging, or blog much less, and recover that serenity that was probably going away. What he will not do, is to suddenly start attacking those values he defended, and those people who still defend them. When this happens, it cannot be fatigue; it will, I think, only be one of three:

1. The blogger in question has discovered he lives in a state of continuous conflictuality, and sees himself becoming bitter in the process. Of course, to stop blogging is at this point clearly an option.

2. The blogger in question was never sincere, and blogged with a desire – more or less admitted – of self-recognition as his first motive. Slowly, he will get to hate those ideas garnering him exactly the contrary of what he wanted, and will start thinking about taking a much softer and “inclusive” stance, imagining this is where applause and blogging glory await. He is probably not evil, rather stupid. He will be disappointed, as criticism in blogdom is only avoidable if no one notices your blog, or your blog avoids taking a clear position, ever.

3. He has simply been wounded by Satan, and starts to think like the enemy. When the implosion comes, it will be spectacular. I think of the “black sheep dog”, and still shudder. Whilst I think Father Corapi has laudably recovered from Satan’s wound, this must not necessarily be the case for everyone else. When a blogger start to write about Catholics being “homophobic”, I start questioning the opportunity of wasting my time reading the devil’s propaganda.

In the end, I would say that whilst Catholic blogging, properly made, is a taxing and stressful activity – mainly because you see amounts of rubbish going on the average joe reader does not even imagine; and for the more sensitive among us, because they are told they are “uncharitable” and “hurtful” – it does not follow this unavoidable stress must lead one to attack the very values in order to defend which he started to blog in the first place.

Blogging is for people who know what they are writing about, and know why they write it; who are under no illusion as to the criticism, insult or mockery this will attract; who are willing to have their day sullied by the squalid miseries of the worst of the world, from sodomy to euthanasia; and who are willing to soldier on nevertheless, knowing that if they are not criticised they are either still at the insignificance stage, or else poor Catholic bloggers.

Before starting to blog, ask yourself why you are doing it, and ask Mary to give you a very robust shield against the miseries of the world, and the attacks of base men.

You will have need for it.


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  1. “Blogging is for people who know what they are writing about, and know why they write it;”

    “In the end, I would say that whilst Catholic blogging, properly made, is a taxing and stressful activity –“

    And this is why, with a most grateful heart, you are now and will continue to be in my prayers.

    May God protect and defend you, provide for your every need, and continue to guide you always.

    Thank you so very much –

  2. It certainly takes some spine to be an orthodox Catholic blogger.

    Now, I know you have little time for conspiracies, M, nevertheless, I’d be interested to know what you make of this:

    • I have read it.

      With all due respect for the author, I still have little time for conscpiracies.

      It is true, though, that benedict looks better now than he did in March. But in my eyes one can’t ask the poor man to die to prove he did not have the energy to be Pope. He also spoke – and I have written about – his saying that th espiritual energies weren’t there; which in my eyes means he didn’t feel like the battle he knew it’s necessary.

      What I do not believe, is that you can force a Pope – and a Pope like Benedict – to resign.


  3. Hey, if you were referring to my post, one reason I posited so many possible reasons is because I was covering the activities of a variety of people. I knew the reasons one or two had suddenly given up. One was due to scandal by Pope Francis – they just couldn’t deal with it in a public sense. No problem there. Another was just tired of it. I get that, too. His family life had gotten busier and he needed to focus on that.

    The recent shreddings of traditionalists by DW and JZ are something different. JZ seems calculated. I’m not sure about DW’s – hopefully not. He sure did great work for a long time.

    God bless you!

    • I was not referring directly to your post, though it was interesting. I was referring to other experience, concerning several blogs, some of them very recent.

      Btw, I have not linked to your article because I really did not want anyone to follow the link therein contained (the one with the nasty things).

      Allow me to renew the compliments for your blog.

      I still think it’s time to change the nickname, though 😉 At some point it will have to be done, and after six months no one will remember the other version… 😉



  4. I hope your comment here Mundabor are not hinting at thoughts of giving it up – yours and David Werling’s were the only blogs I visited every day and I miss his miserably and have found nothing to replace it – do you have any suggestions.

    • Rorate Caeli, of course.
      Father Carota’s blog.
      Louie Verrecchio’s blog.
      For liturgical and canon law matters, Father Z is still extremely good.
      Gloria TV is stellar.
      If you google or search Father Rodriguez on Youtube, you will find a lot.
      Just some ideas. The list is non exclusive.

  5. Sorry, I forgot: no thoughts whatsoever of “giving up”.
    By the grace of God, whenever someone calls me “uncharitable” I feel like writing ten other posts he would call “uncharitable”. I was always the type who gets excited by the battle.
    This here is moderate, and I cull all comments whose tone or content I don’t like. You should have read me at the times of “homo smoke”, with Commies and perverts everywhere.


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