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“The Church does not create or invents the sacraments, but receives them from our Lord, who instituted them accordign to His will.”

Interesting video from Gloria TV about so-called women’s ordination, that has relevance beyond the issue itself.

Whilst in normal times it would be superfluous to give relevance to such topics, we do not live in normal times and it is therefore apposite to repeat what should be repeated.

I very much fear in October some half cataclism is going to come to us, and I am rather certain whatever happens in October, in Germany and in other countries the clergy will generalise the sacrilegious practice of giving communion to public adulterers, the only thing to be still decided being the excuse they will use to do so.  One is reminded of the Dutch schism, and if you reflect even JP II needed several years to finally move the steamroller you can imagine how the decidedly more revolutionary Francis will tacitly allow the worst abuses to happen, under the mantle of a “mercy” that is fake because not rooted in Christ’s laws, and hypocritical because no trace of it can be found in his dealing with the FFI, culpable of the terrible heresy of Catholicism. 

But the Church does not create or invents the Sacraments, but receives them from our Lord, who instituted them according to his will. It is, therefore, not for the Church – not in a pretended dostrinal way, and not even under the excuse of mercy or pastoral care – to tamper with them.

Enjoy the video.


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  1. Luckily this holy young priest of the FFI got ordained before the commissar stopped ordinations; can’t be having too many priests like this in the world!

  2. And now for something completely different. We all remember the highly entertaining exchange of letters and interview with the atheist Eugenio Scalfari. Who would have thunk that something like this could have happened? Well, it happened. And now…

    Well there is a new challenger to debate the bishop of Rome waiting in the wings.

    Now in normal times no one would take a story like this seriously. But we are not living in normal times. Secondly, and more troubling is the thought that the challenger could quite possibly know more about the biblical Jesus than our current occupant of the Chair of St. Peter. He definitely is not burdened by a Jesuit seminary education.

  3. I read the other day a homily, from the 1990s, I believe, by Cardinal Ratzinger, that says it all:

    “The Banquet of the Reconciled”. Yup. That’s what the Eucharist is.

    Thanks for keeping on this issue–it’s absolutely key.

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