Cardinal Maradiaga And The Other Clowns

One year later, the circus was in full swing.

Cardinal Maradiaga is, without the shadow of a doubt, having the time of his life. Inebriated with a newfound, worldwide notoriety, the high-fiving Cardinal keeps giving free-wheeling interviews, in which he speaks as if the Church were his toy, to play with as he pleases.

Not happy with throwing around with journalists his idea about a possible Pontifical Council led by “married couples” – which is stupid enough in itself, but should be kept for internal discussions anyway; unless of course the Cardinal wants to force the one or other hand – the man abandons itself to declarations that astonish in their populism; a populism pushed to a degree unknown, to my knowledge, even to Francis.

Firstly, the Cardinal says the laity “are the majority” of the Church, as if the Church were some kind of democratic organisation in which you have rights merely for being “majority”. Secondly, he says “we can't go on like this”, thus passing a very hard sentence on the way the Church “went on” since Jesus' time. Thirdly, he informs us that the “Spirit” is “pushing” in his direction, and one wonders whether his back carries the signs of the “Spirit's” obvious “pushing”.

We have now sunk to pure circus level. We have reached “big brother” lows of superficiality; Church policy has become a media show, the “X-factor” for the tambourine Catholic masses.

Why is this? Because the Commander In Chief is such a one, of course. He is the one who started the circus and keeps it running; it is no surprise at all that others want to have a place on the stage in Circus Bergoglio, just on the side of the Head Clown himself.

The fish stinks from the head down. Always. If you complain about the stink and refuse to see whence it comes, you are being willingly blind.



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  1. Sit,
    have you seen “l’ ultima maraviglia”, Pope’s new passport ?

    • Yes, but I failed to see what would be scandalous in it.

      if I were to become Pope ;), I would not want to renounce to my Italian passport. It’s a sentimental matter first, I think. The country that gave a job and dignity to his parents, etc.

      As a head of State, Francis will obviously travel as a Citizen of the Stato della Citta’ del Vaticano, at least when he is on official visit.

      The cost – if it was paid – must have been peanuts.

      Seriously, I would ask more about the apparently substantial expenses caused by the army of consultants Francis has hired. That will certainly run into many million EUR…


  2. there is nothing scandalous, but I find ” fastidioso” that we are submerged day in and day out from these personal affairs of him. I find it the same way when it’ s about, say, Prince William and Kate or Obama and Michelle. But they are normal people, he is , or should be, the POPE!!
    As for all those consultants, they seem to me like the fox in the henhouse, and I believe their arrival depends on a trade off betweem some elements in the Curia and Bergoglio, when he was still a Cardinal.

    • Ah, yes, it’s true. It has to do with humility, you see.
      Pope Ratzinger was so haughty that he never stood near the cameras, embracing wheelchairs…

      And you are right, Francis wants to be in the middle of this “celebrities” sub-culture for the illiterate masses; it’s his own sub-cultrue, I suspect.

      I am curious how the costs of the consultant army will be kept secret for very long. When it comes out, it will be the day of recknoning for the humble and poor papacy…



  3. It is said “clowns are the pegs you hang a circus upon”. Well. it looks like it will be a three ring circus Mund!

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