Fashiongate: Fire Brigade To The Rescue

Devon Fire Brigade WA04DHE


As they are discussing, the Gang of Eight should now examine the creation of a Pontifical Council For The Corrections Of Papal Gaffes. Possibly not led by a Jesuit. 

The secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, Archbishop Arthur Roche, had to intervene on the matter after the latest scandal caused by a Pope unable to say three words in a row without making some damage.

He can’t contradict the Pope, though. He can’t say the Czech bishop has misunderstood, either, because evidently many were there. He can’t defend the Traditional Latin Mass, because he knows Francis doesn’t like it at all.

What he does, is to say some generic word about Latin in the Mass (a completely different matter than the Traditional Latin Mass; which is much, much more than a Mass in Latin), in order to let the message get through: “we can’t say so, but boy, we are so embarrassed”.

He can’t say it. So he says the Pope hasn’t really said anything about the Traditional Latin Mass. Which just doesn’t make sense, because he has.

This being the Vatican, though, we must read between the lines. The Pope will not be openly criticised. The only thing that can be done is to make people understand they are sorry for the broken china.



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  1. Thanks for acknowledging us. You’re a gentleman, gentile signore Mundabor.

  2. In order to bring some fun into this indiscribable mess I send you a link on :

    There is a song (lasting just 2 : 52 minutes) called « I’m a Dedicated Follower of Fashion », worth to listen to ; it is running in my head since yesterday. Thanks to the blog :

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat !

  3. Sorry about your luck, but somebody’s going to have to clean up all that lío.

    Here’s a mop! Do the best you can; good day!

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