It Had To Happen




This is the video of an old man arriving to the airport in jeans. He is a Prince of the Church, and is now (literally) going to be made a Cardinal.

It had to happen. The stupid pauperism, the vulgarity, the utter irreligiousness of our times required than even a soon to be made Cardinal cannot bear to travel in his clerical clothes. It must be jeans.

The cafeteria Catholics will be impressed. If a Bishop, soon to be Cardinal, does not care a straw (another expression comes to mind) for the rules obliging him to wear his clericals – a basic rule of decency, and small testimony of his being a priest for all those around him –  then why would the simple layman feel obliged by the much more onerous rules on contraception, abortion, divorce, fornication, adultery.

No: as the nutcases at NCR say, this is not Cardinal Burke.

This also paves the way for a Pope in jeans. When this happens, idiots worldwide will hail it as a marked improvement compared to the former Popes who insisted in dressing in white. 

After that, I suggest Bermudas and Hawaiian shirts.

Cardinal Maradiaga would be delighted. 




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  1. As someone said in our twitter feed: “I always call in a camera crew to document my great humility.”

  2. Fortunately, it appears a belt is holding up the bluejeans which have a natural waistline. This is good. Otherwise, when bending over, the gluteal fold might show. I have been witness to that many a time.

  3. A cleric should wear his distinctive clothes for the same reason a soldier or a policeman does. It identifies him as a representative of a higher power that is to protect and to serve god and man.

  4. These prelates from Central and South America are a piece, aren’t they? One can quite see why alternative denominations might be attractive.

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