The Other Way Round


Laudably, Bishop Francis invites us to go to confession; and in an interesting turn of events even seems to insist in calling it “confession” rather than with its V II correct name of “reconciliation”. Still, as Francis is polluted through and through with the evil ideology of V II, he regularly fails to stress and impress upon his readers what once upon a time would have been hammered in the faithful’s head by the most mediocre of priests: that there is an obligation to go to confession.

This is indicative of the entire V II mentality, even in those cases when the steroids of Francis’ South-American Jesuitism are, for the time being, blessedly absent. Whenever I read Francis’ exhortations, I am reminded of those newspaper articles gently encouraging us to eat more carrots, or reminding us of the virtues of Brussels Sprouts: you should do this, because you see, it’s good.

The not-so-small difference is that there is no Sacrament Of Carrots, nor is it necessary to eat Brussels Sprouts to have one’s mortal sins forgiven; and as importantly, that God does not tell me to eat carrots, but He commands me to go to Confession. I am sure Francis is aware of this, but from the way he talks this is not very evident.

“Oh, but he is talking to Catholics – some will say – they know that! They do not need to be reminded!”

Really? Have you noticed any trend in Confession frequency in the last, say, fifty years? And by the way, how come the faithful never have to be reminded about their obligation to attend Mass, go to confession, not contracept, & Co., but must be always reminded about poverty, as if they did not know about their obligations in that respect?

Well, I can tell you how come: because for Francis the things of Heaven are fully secondary to the things of earth. His gaze is fully fixed on the favela, and he constantly gives the impression to him religion is just a way to improve people’s condition here on earth.

As if God were there to serve Man, rather than the other way round.

Go to confession, folks. You’ll feel so good when you get out of the confessional.


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  1. Mr M….I can tell you from experience that many, many many, Catholics think that there is no obligation to go to confession….period I am a traditionalist priest and say only the TLM but I have on many occasions helped out with confessions in N O churches and boy…it’s astonishing to find out how poorly instructed most modern Catholics are, especially the young, and how many have never heard of the precept of the Church which requires us to confess our sins at least once a year… I mean never ever heard of it. I don’t have this problem among my faithful as they are all well instructed and serious about their faith but even here I have penitents from the N O come to my church and tell them about it so as to instruct them and I get either a very long pause and silence or they say “oh…I didn’t know that”…unbelievable!
    The problem with His Humbleness is that when it comes to weirdness or nonsense, he can’t shut up and winds up saying too much and the very few times he does say something right, it’s usually not enough so much so that it doesn’t really help anyone. It is to weep…

    • Ah, I do not struggle to believe it if even those who become Popes shut up about it!

      (Albeit I must say I do not know of anyone who would think this way).


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