Archbishop Mueller Says Water Is Wet: Anger Ensues.

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Today's yogurt was rather tasty. Today’s yogurt was rather tasty.

From the pleasantly surprising mini-essay of Archbishop Mueller (I know, I know…) concerning marriage, some rather interesting excerpts.  Emphases mine.

Marriage can be understood and lived as a sacrament only in the context of the mystery of Christ.  If marriage is secularized or regarded as a purely natural reality, its sacramental character is obscured.  Sacramental marriage belongs to the order of grace, it is taken up into the definitive communion of love between Christ and his Church.  Christians are called to live their marriage within the eschatological horizon of the coming of God’s kingdom in Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word of God.

Pastors are obliged, by love for the truth, “to exercise careful discernment of situations” […]  And yet they cannot be admitted to the Eucharist.  Two reasons are given for this:  a) “their state and condition of life objectively contradict that union of love…

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  1. uh oh! “It comes down to balancing loyalty to Christ’s words and mercy; to understanding God’s mercy in a person’s life, and therefore in the Church’s pastoral work.”FR. FEDERICO LOMBARDI
    Vatican Spokesperson. When it comes to loyalty to Christ’s words, where’s the “balancing act”? Seriously, we think we’re more merciful than the Lord? God save humanity from it’s folly!

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