Justin Welby, The Funny Guy

Justin Welby, the Funny Guy, in costume.

Justin Welby, the man masquerading as the so-called Archbishop of Canterbury, has given another example of his and his Mickey Mouse church's diabolical disorientation.

Welby is at the head of a motley group of heretics with such huge differences among them that they are not anymore recognisable as members of the same sect, whilst many of them are certainly not even recognisable as Christians.

The way Welby reacts to the situation could never be by defending Christian values, of course; it is doubtful whether he believes in God, and if he does this deity can only be a homemade concoction of half-backed common places. What he does instead is, in pure Anglican style, trying to make everyone happy.

If you follow the link (warning: the rag has often indecent images or content in its side links) you will immediately see what I am talking about.

Some of his people are afraid of apostasy, but some others don't want to become “irrelevant”. The coE must embark on a journey that tries to have Christianity on board, but who knows where the journey will end (hell, methinks). Some will do the one thing, some the opposite; we must accept it, because doing as one pleases is our religion, says Welby in so many words.

He also says things so outlandish you wonder about his drinking habits. Those who defend Christian values on so-called same-sex marriage – sodomy seems not to be a problem for this man; homosexuality is probably a gift from God – might be called “racist”, but he does not spend one single word against the accusation. On the contrary, the man lets it transpire that this is cause to serious concern for him. Is God racist? Hhhmmm, interesting question… we must answer it whilst remaining “relevant”, of course, then it should never be said that to us Christ comes first. Particularly if we are called “racist” a consequence.

Christ or relevance? In this question lies all the – let me say it again: diabolical – confusion of the so-called church of England; once at least a Christian outfit, if an heretical one, and now just a bunch of ridiculous clowns – many of them homosexual, or even sodomites – in drags.



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  1. I notice Pope Francis seems to have recognized Anglican orders in one of his usual off the cuff comments while sending a video message to Protestants telling them how wonderful they are. Oh and apparently he can’t understand why young people like the traditional Mass, he thinks it’s probably just a fashion. This is getting so bad that even Paul VI would be preferable.

    • No, Francis couldn’t recognise the Anglicans more than he could give the Italian citizenship to a Egyptian camel.
      What he can do, is to confused the faithful. This, he does admirably.


  2. “A motley group of heretics with such huge differences among them that they are not anymore recognisable as members of the same sect” would also seem to describe accurately the ranks of self-affirmed “catholics” [scare quotes fully intended] that responded to the latest “survey” on the family. God help us all!

    • True.
      But whilst they belong to a Church that has a rock-solid theology, the Anglicans belong to a sect that changes its every couple of years.

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