Russia Might Ban Belgians From Adopting Russian Children.



Russian members of Parliament have asked the Russian Foreign office to examine the recent Belgian Nazi Law about Euthanasia  in order to see whether a ban on adoption of Russian children by Belgian parents might be in order.

It makes sense. It is infinitely better to be an orphan anywhere on the planet, than the child of adopting parents who might suggest to him that he terminates himself, do not prevent him from doing so, or simply “support” him in his decision to commit suicide because hey, they are good Nazi parents. “At some point – the parents might say to the terminally ill child – it’s time to go into the oven”

As pointed out already, as it stands the child would have to be terminally ill; but the tendency we have seen by divorce and abortion and, in Belgium itself, by euthanasia point out to a rapid metastasis of the cancer; this, without considering the simple fact that there can be no justification whatsoever for euthanasia even in case of terminal illness.

So, a Russian baby girl might be given in adoption to “enlightened” (ha!) Belgian parents who, in a couple of years’ time, might pave the way for her termination; because hey, she’s ill. Actually, in a couple of years’ time she might not even have to be ill; merely willing to die. 

Looks like a fiction movie.

It’s XXI Century Belgium.

The Nazis are among us.


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  1. felicitasperpetua

    Belgium has sure gone down the drain in record time! Scary, if you keep in mind that most of these people used to be Catholic in the early part of the 19th century. It doesn’t give much hope to us who are the heirs of centuries of apostasy. At this rate, I’m afraid we will end up getting “retired” to an an animal feed processing plant. I wonder if they will let you choose between “Puppy Chow” or “Cat Chow”.

    • I can see thi shappening in Italy, though teh decay started later.

      one generation is very Catholic.
      Then V II arrives, and the following one is still vaguely Catholic.
      The following generation will not care.
      The following one will not be baptised.

  2. I’m starting to like these Russians. A very sensible legislature: considering the safety of children, and caring for orphans.

    I am waiting for the Fascists of the West to scream…

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