Francis: Video Fluff For The Masses.

I wonder when Francis will hit the bottom.

A video that has been posted to my comment box (with many thanks to Harold Norwood) is the latest example of this.

This seven-minutes-too-long video seems an improvised after-lunch initiative after a glass too much; an extemporaneous, obviously unplanned address at Protestants of the Pentecostal variety.

The quality of the video is clearly amateurish. Francis does not talk in any structured way. He sits in a very strange manner, at an uncomfortable angle. When he gets near to the camera, the image is unflattering. The camera moves and zooms in and out in a way that would make a professional – and even a good amateur – cringe. It is as if someone had switched on a camera after a grappa or two and had said “will you say something for us, Holy Father?” And there goes the Rambling Bishop, never able to say “no” to a switched-on camera…

It is as if Francis would insist on devaluing the office of the Pope at any possible and impossible occasion. Try to imagine Benedict XVI, or even Paul VI, trusting the image and the message of the Church to improvised camera talks.

What he says, though, is even worse than how he says it. There is in this message no mention whatever of who is right and who is wrong. The Church and heretics are “un po’… mi permetto la parola… separati” (“a bit… I allow myself the word… separated”), as if even mentioning to Heretics that they have separated themselves from the Church of Christ were not acceptable. The reasons for the separation are in ous sins, he says, so that it really can’t be seen anymore who would be to blame for the existence of hundred of millions of Protestants. Why did you choose death, Thomas More? Why did you march to the scaffold, Bishop Fisher? Don’t you know we are all sinners?

He even calls the chap “brother bishop”. Countless Catholics have suffered persecution or death to avoid this utter crap. This man just doesn’t care.

This separation between the Bishop of Rome and other, erm, er “bishops” (his words, not mine) would be the fruit of “malintesi”, “misunderstandings”. There’s a long history of sins on both sides, you see.

Who is guilty for this? Everyone! Because you see, we are all sinners, so the boundaries between the wrong sects and the right Church can be wonderfully blurred.

We must find each other as brothers, and cry together as brothers. How this finding and crying will help reconcile different theologies he does not say; but he doesn’t seem very aware the theological differences are there, either, so this is par for the course.  His theology seems to stop at the requirement that Catholics and Heretics “praise Jesus Christ as the only Lord of History”, though I was never aware that non-Catholics worship Baal. Similarly, he seems to think that if people “hug”, the Lord will complete the work in some way, performing a “miracle” for which he has no intention of doing anything sensible, or truthful, whatsoever.

After-lunch fluff for the masses.

Heavens, this one is Pope. He should be the one who forcefully extols the Truth of the Only Church. He should be the one warning all the time that outside of the Church there is no salvation. He should stress his role of Vicar of Christ and Successor of Peter, and his duty to call all the shattered sheep to be united in the only place where they are supposed to be, rather than presenting himself merely as a “brother” wishing a hug, and not even daring to say which one is the right side.

This is Francis’ ecumenism: I am OK, you are OK. We are separated. Shit happens. No need to examine why, because it’s everyone’s fault.

Not only there is in this video no mention whatever of the intrinsic superiority of the Church compared to every heresy, and of the danger for the heretic’s soul if he continues in error; but there is an insisted lowering of the Papacy to buddy level, and of the Church to just the role of a member of the family of Christ. Manzoni’s citation is the only thing that can be saved of these seven minutes; but it clearly does not save the flawed argument of one waiting for miracles, rather than being Pope. There is no defence of Catholic Truth, no call to conversion; there is not even the wish for the heretics’ conversion, then this expected miracle does not necessarily entail it; and the Proddies listening to it will get this message very clearly: if both sides have sinned, both sides must change.

Let’s hug. God will sort it out. 

One of these days we will wake up to find on youtube videos of Francis chatting with Monsignor Ricca, or cooking a proper kosher meal together with his buddy, the Rabbi.

This amateurish video and its confused rambling are a fitting reflection of this amateurish and confused papacy, and of a man completely addicted to media appearances and willing to sink himself and the papacy to casual rambling level for the sake of an easy popularity and of insipid, emotional, illogical, nonsensical hot air that carefully avoids the issue – to wit: heresy – and prefers to take refuge in easy waffling about the obvious fact that “we are all sinners”.

Of course we are all sinners. But they are heretics. This makes a big difference for Catholicism, but I am not sure it does for Francis.

The fish stinks from the head down. Looking at this head, can you be surprised at the mighty stink? 


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  1. Regarding the quality of the video: it was shot on an iPhone at Francis’ request by an offshoot Anglican “bishop” friend of his (hence the poor quality). It was presented to a group of pentecostal pastors. The full 40 minute video shows how they reacted to the message:

  2. I saw this the other day and was appalled, especially at the ‘fellow bishop’ crack – come back Leo XIII and tell him, ‘Anglican orders are absolutely null and utterly void’. I was also appalled at the reaction of some fellow Catholics, one of whom described the Pope as a saint after watching this garbage.

    • Exactly.
      And the nullity of Proddie “orders” is matter of infallible Magisterium, not something a Pope can give or take away.
      The man just doesn;t know, or doesn’t think.
      What a disgrace.

  3. Just a grappa or 2? He looks and sounds absolutely stoned out of his mind. What a bunch of barely intelligible garbage. As we know, the travesty of Vatican 2 has been slowly but surely destroying souls, and of course weakening the Church, for over half a century now…but it looks like this guy wants to do as much destruction in the 5 or so years that he has as a pope as has been done from the advent of V2 until Francis assumed office.

    I have no love for Benedict, one of the architects of the Vatican 2 debacle….but it seems to me that the evil powers that be definitely forced him to hang it up in order to get this truly bad man on the throne; maybe Benedict was having a change of heart late in life or maybe it was just evident that he wasn’t the man to accomplish the truly evil task of spreading complete heresy. Francis is fully intent on destroying the True Church, there is not a single speck of doubt in my mind as to that. As always, we know he will not accomplish his goals, but my gosh, he is going to take a lot of people down with him.

    • I did have at times the impression he needed some sleep. Frankly, I think this man just doesn’t care a straw of what anything will say of him.
      If one day he wants to make a video of dancing in a tutu, he’ll just do it. The bloggers at patheos will praise his inclusiveness.

      As to Benedict:
      how do you force a Pope to do what he does not want to do? Do you promise him a promotion? Do you threaten him with excommunication? Do you tell him he will be deprived of chocolate?

  4. Mr. Verrecchio featured this on his FB page as well as on his blog. Most disturbing was a link that showed the wretched excess (mega-mansion in Florida, personal jet) that this heretic “brother bishop” indulges himself in. This is in the Jimmy and Tammy-Faye Bakker style. The whole business is sordid, tawdry and scandalous.

  5. I said the same things you said on another Catholic blog; I expect to be called unloving, uncharitable, unecumenical, because I said he should have preached the gospel to those heretics. BTW, the type of Pentecostalism these folks espouse is called word of faith. They believe if they want something bad enough, they can make what they call a positive confession, and abracadabra, they got a new car, a new house, a healing from an illness etc. Actually, it’s the preachers of these swindles that get all the goodies from the money their poor dupes give them.

    • Ah, it this a kind of “claim it and get it” kind of thing? Joel Osteen type?
      Boy, these people are deluded. God straightens us with the rod, not with chocolate cakes.

    • Actually Mund, the leader of the “name and claim it” racket is a chap called Kenneth Copeland. However, all of these con men are cut from the same mold, so they mught as will be one person with aliases.

    • Yes, I have seen the post of Louis Verrecchio, Copeland is the one of the private jet.

      Though I thought “name and claim” was the generic name given to all these Proddie sects thinking you keep asking and you get for the asking.

      What is the difference between Copeland and, say, Osteen, or the chap with the former Crystal Cathedral? I’d be curious to compare them with Catholic thought.


  6. Our family has always said the typical prayers for the Holy Father’s intentions during our rosary. I can’t bring myself to do that anymore. We’re now saying prayers ‘for’ the Holy Father. What do you think? Is that wrong of us? One cannot be sure what on earth his ‘intentions’ might be!

  7. It seems that there are indeed those who would, when their children asked for bread, hand them a stone.

  8. I leave the pain of watching to you. To preserve my sanity the auto off-switch comes into play whenever there’s a chance of hearing the BoR speak.

  9. The neo-Catholics won’t bat an eyelid that he called a Protestant a brother bishop, yet they will persist in calling the Society’s bishops ‘schismatics’. Profoundly hypocritical.

    This home-made looking video has a feeling of narcissism about it.

    • Also true.

      And note he did not call him “bishop” in a diplomatic setting. One calls the so-called archbishop of canterbury the “Archbishop of Canterbury” in a diplomatic setting because it is his official title, given to him by a sovereign government recognised by the Holy See. But this here is just a layman like you and me.

  10. While it is shocking enough that the Vicar of Christ would clearly, mindfully, and publicly affirm the episcopal orders of a schismatic (Tony Palmer), it is nothing compared to his having called Christ a sinner in whose soul was human sin. The inverted logic is all of a piece.

    This passage (from 15 June 2013) is astounding:

    Il senso della riconciliazione non sta semplicemente nel mettere insieme parti diverse e lontane tra loro. «La vera riconciliazione è che Dio in Cristo ha preso i nostri peccati e si è fatto peccato per noi. E quando noi andiamo a confessarci, per esempio, non è che diciamo il peccato e Dio ci perdona. Noi troviamo Gesù Cristo e gli diciamo: questo è tuo e io ti faccio peccato un’altra volta. E a lui piace, perché è stata la sua missione: farsi peccato per noi, per liberarci». … Cristo si è fatto peccato per me e i peccati sono là, nel suo corpo, nel suo animo. Questo è da pazzi, ma è bello: è la verità. Questo è lo scandalo della croce».

    • Heavens!
      I had to cross myself!
      I wonder in what twisted way he means this? He cannot have meant that Christ sinned, surely? But he cannot have meant that Christ took in himself the nature of a sinner, either. Why did he not say “Christ became man”? Is this what he meant?
      What a disquieting man.

  11. Please no links to extremely long blog post of other bloggers. I will not publish the link unless I take the time to read the entire post. Which I generally don’t.

    May I kindly remind everyone that everyone who posts a link is in fact posting the entire content of the link.

    Please be concise and to the point.


  12. In the complete video, this “bishop” tony, says he had been praying “for the Catholic Church” for years. No doubt praying that She be converted to his way of false, heretical teaching, the “word of faith” false gospel that even other evangelicals label as FALSE!

    So while all these folks are praying for us to change, our pope is going to go and give them warm, fuzzy messages about unity INSTEAD OF WARNING THEM TO COME OUT OF THE FALSE RELIGION? I know there is a scripture passage somewhere about what happens to someone who does not warn others to get out of sin. Something about the blood of the other being on your own head and you having to pay for not telling them to turn from their wicked ways. I think an idolatrous, false gospel, another Jesus, who dispenses goodies would qualify as wicked, yet our pope is happy to let the followers of this evil way stay in their sin.

    Woe, Woe, Woe to us! It is time to put on sackcloth and ashes, rend our garments and repent for this pope and pray that Almighty God delivers us out of the Egyptian bondage Francis is trying to lead us into!

    There can be no UNITY unless it is Unity in TRUTH! But, remember, we are not supposed to try to “proselytize” because Francis said it was “nonsense.”

    We are truly down the rabbit hole, through the looking glass, because apparently it is ok for the heretics to try to convert the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church now. Jesus, come quickly!

  13. As I said, I am not expecting you to post to my blog, but I think your readers would love to hear your commentary of the three passages I included in my comment. This pope is an engine of scandal!

  14. Disgusting!

    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

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