“Holy Spirit Is A Great Worker, Not A Trade Unionist”, Says Non-Judgmental Francis

The wind tried to stop him, but it was all in vain...

The wind tried to stop him, but it was all in vain…

I thought Berlusconi was prone to gaffes; but boy, our humble and non-judgmental Bishop of Rome beats him every day of the week.

From a recent homily. Emphasis mine:

To know Jesus is a gift of the Father; it is He who makes us know Jesus. It is a work of the Holy Spirit, who is a great worker. Not a trade unionist — He is a great worker and He works in us always.

Now, I am not a friend of much trade unionism – though not of all; the Gipper was a trade unionist, too – ; but even I balk in front of the sweeping generalisations of the humble Bishop. He is not new to giving wholesale insults to entire categories of people, or professions; from the old maids to the flight assistants, and from those who count their rosaries to those who say their prayers by rote, many are the people the Shepherd of Tenderness obviously doesn’t like.

The last ones are the young who follow the “fashion” of the Mass of the Ages; and this one is only a few days old. You would think he learns from his mistakes. You wish.

One wonders how this man can continue with his careless words even after the very many times in which they have forced Vatican official to correct, precise, state the contrary, or otherwise show how embarrassed they are. It is as if in his humbleness, Francis wouldn’t care a straw whether he offends entire categories. So he continues to say whatever he pleases. Let other repair the damage. Why should he care.

Really? What arrogance. What childish behaviour. What utter amateurishness. Not even a North Korean Head of State – which Francis is – would express himself in such a careless, unplanned, devil-may-care, “who gives a shirt” way all the time. 

Thank Goodness he isn’t one to judge. Otherwise we’d have every Traditionalist attacked at every step.

No, wait…


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  1. Francis is like one of those guys on the lecture circuit who always start their inspirational speeches with a joke. He seems to think he has to pepper his addresses with punchlines; I think it stems from having a soundbite mentality. He also greatly fancies himself as an original thinker. Where’s the excitement of just saying what any pope for the last 2000 years could have said? How is that memorable or history-making? No, he’s got to show the world that he’s different; every comment is stamped “A Bergoglio Production”! So here he can’t be content with just saying that the Holy Spirit works in us; he throws in a quick “image” – “not like a trade unionist”. That’ll wow ’em! Who cares if it’s illogical? He could have said “Not like a restaurant chef”, or “Not like a oil refinery engineer” or “Not like a potato farmer” and it would have made as much sense.

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