Big Brother Is About To Knock At Your Door

Orwell 1984

The Scottish Government may be moving toward an official and direct ingerence of government officials in the education of a child.

Of every child. 

This is not the social worker checking that the “vulnerable” mother remembers to feed her baby, or is sufficiently sober during the day, or does not beat her child to death. This is about checking – if not immediately, very soon – that every child is raised in a way that pleases Big Brother

Do you want to instil Christian values in your children? Well this is obviously homophobic and otherwise intolerant, and cannot be tolerated. How can the child become an “inclusive” member of the Scottish Society, if the “human rights” of the LGBTRSARSLF people are denied and the child raised in a “racist” environment? Well, this clearly cannot be tolerate. Big Brother to the rescue!

This initiative might well fail, this time. But it clearly shows what the trend is, and how the social engineering Nazis want to take control of absolutely everything.

You have been warned.


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  1. their ‘concern’ for us is soooo touching!

  2. God help us if Scotland becomes and independent country.

    How long will it be until the children of Christians will be forcibly removed from ‘homophobic’ parents and put up for adoption (including by homosexuals)?

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