Father Barron And No End

And it came to pass Father Barton told us Adam is a literary figure. Google it please, I have no time for the video link right now.

Let us think this to the end.

If Adam is a literary figure, then we cannot have inherited Original Sin from him. There can, in fact, be no Original Sin whatsoever, then there would be no single origin for it. But Originsl Sin is the reason why Christ died on the cross: to redeem us from it.

If, therefore, Adam is a literary figure, then everything can become a literary device. Did Jesus really die on the Cross to free us from… well, what exactly?

I suspect one could go on forever with this train of thought, and carpet bomb Christianity until only Father Barron and Bishop Francis thinks it's still the religion of our forefathers.

I am eagerly awaiting for Barton to offer retract action and apology.

By the way, his arrogant and rebellious statements are beautiful evidence that he is, most certainly, a descendant of Adam and Eve.

But then again, this is one who thinks hell might be empty…


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  1. Hell isn’t empty, but Fr. Barron’s head is!

  2. quiavideruntoculi

    Truly, a Barron philosophy.

  3. *sigh* You’d think with all those years of schooling they would teach the Jesuits basic logic. My opinion is that Our Lord is making a mockery out of the supposed “intellectual” Jesuit order…making them look like utter fools. Hopefully they will use the mortification to seek authentic humility and return to obeying the Lord in trust and true wisdom. God bless~

  4. Yours is the most basic and best argument for the existence of Adam. To deny his existence is to deny Christianity, period. Barron is very sad.

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