Francis: Generous Only With The Wrong Crowd

Always the friend of the wrong ones: Francis, the Bishop of Rome.

Only the friend of the wrong ones: Francis, the Bishop of Rome.



Pat Archbold has written a blog post, then removed from the NCR website, about Francis and the SSPX. 

The American Catholic noticed the fact, and reposted the article’s best part. Mr Archbold also has it on his other blog.  I will repost it the best bit in its entirety. Emphasis mine.

I have great concern that without the all the generosity that faith allows by the leaders of the Church, that this separation, this wound on the Church, will become permanent. In fact, without such generosity, I fully expect it. Such permanent separation and feeling of marginalization will likely separate more souls than just those currently associated with the SSPX.   I have also come to believe that Pope Francis’ is exactly the right Pope to do it. In his address to the evangelicals, he makes clear his real concern for unity.   So here is what I am asking. I ask the Pope to apply that wide generosity to the SSPX and to normalize relations and their standing within the Church. I am asking the Pope to do this even without the total agreement on the Second Vatican Council. Whatever their disagreements, surely this can be worked out over time with the SSPX firmly implanted in the Church. I think that the Church needs to be more generous toward unity than to insist upon dogmatic adherence to the interpretation of a non-dogmatic council. The issues are real, but they must be worked out with our brothers at home and not with a locked door.   Further, Pope Francis’ commitment to the aims of the Second Vatican Council is unquestioned. Were he to be generous in such a way, nobody would ever interpret it to be a rejection of the Council. How could it be? This perception may not have been the case in the last pontificate. Pope Francis is uniquely suited to this magnanimous moment.

In fact, it beggars belief that a man who does not hesitate in calling a Proddie wannabe bishop “brother bishop” in a frenzy of heretical, possibly tipsy, grappa-fueled generosity would not run to extend to the SSPX a tiny and perfectly orthodox fraction of the same compassion  by simply understanding how infinitely nearer the SSPX are to any Catholic than the deluded heretics he tirelessly cajoles. Yes, of course such a “compassion loving” Bishop of Rome should extend his compassion to perfectly orthodox Catholics first. It should really go without saying. 

Alas, the brutal truth is that Francis only has one enemy, and they are orthodox Catholics. These are the only ones who get mocked and insulted in every possible and impossible way. Everyone else, from atheists to Proddies to subversive nuns, get away with pretty much everything, and he will actually berate rosary-counting Traditionalists in the very presence of those nuns he encourages not to pay too much attention to what the CDF says to them. 

Now, it remains to wonder why the NCR has removed the blog post.

If you ask me, it is because with his invitation to extend to the right crowd the generosity he lavishly extends to the wrong one, Mr Archbold unwittingly highlights the hypocrisy and the heretical madness of this pontificate. He does not say so of course, and I am rather sure he does not even want to say so. But this is the logical consequence of a continued inaction toward real orthodox Catholics, even as Francis abandons himself to every kind of heretical talk and senseless waffle every time an Iphone is in the vicinity.

The dismal state of Catholicism in this XXI can be perfectly seen from the fact that we have a tango-loving clown as Pope, and 90% to 95% of Catholics either cheer him, or have no problem at all with his antics, or do not dare to think he might be wrong because they are afraid of what the consequences of that would be for their very badly formed Catholicism.  

We are being punished. Deservedly so, of course.





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  1. Sorry, I don’t know who did it afterwards, but we did it live – see our post on the matter.

  2. Today, notice that The National Catholic Register is begging donations. That the NCR, owned and operated by the much heterodox EWTN, would pull Mr. Archbold’s article critical of Pope Francis’ heterodox dalliances is no surprise, but that the American Catholic, even more heterodox, would publish is. Furthermore, it seems EWTN holds animus towards orthodox Catholics in general and specifically the SSPX. Pope Francis, in ridiculing traditional Catholicism and painting the world ‘saved’, may end up spiritually sacrificing most of his own flock.

  3. Reblogged this on James Prime and commented:
    “Francis only has one enemy, and they are orthodox Catholics.”

  4. mundabor.i am as aghast as you are about the antics of the bishop of rome and i wish he would return to tradition and surprise us.However this won’t happen -as you said he loves the tango type of mass which is sacrilegious just as,no doubt,his inter faith shenanigans which he will,no doubt,be involved with at this years fiasco!!the sspx are calling me-as they did in 1969, and i have loved tradition from the time my brother ,and i,served the latin mass as it should be said.god help us all . philip johnson.

  5. Strange indeed as to why the piece was removed from the NCR website. OTOH, NCR dabbles in Catholicism-lite much of the time.

  6. I have a mental picture in my head of Pope Francis kitted out in his favourite Argentina football strip. He is jumping to head the ball and uses his hand to out reach the goalkeeper then runs off smiling and claiming a goal …

    and guess what … the referee hasn’t seen the handball and gives a goal. He has outsmarted everbody with his cunning.

    The only problem is that Francis hasn’t realised he is actually playing in defence and that the goalkeeper he has out foxed is his own.

    The opposition fan magazine declare him “Man of the Match”.

  7. “Mr Archbold unwittingly highlights the hypocrisy and the heretical madness of this pontificate.” I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming that it was not “unwitting” but rather entirely “witting.” Paint him into a corner – as they say here in the USofA.

  8. I understand that this story has really angered or titillated some people, but the reality is a lot more mundane. Have you read Archbold’s clarification?

    Someone at Fr. Zuhlsdorf’s blog discussed it with the Register, too. Read it here:

    “I asked the Register why the article was taken down. The Managing Editor said, ‘The bottom line is that there was one last theological review in order because the post covers a sensitive topic. There was a miscommunication about this and the post went up without that review. Once it went live the situation took on a life of its own. Pat’s call to extend grace for reconciliation is laudable and we certainly have no disagreement with it. As it is, the related challenges that ensued resulted in the perception that we disagreed with Pat’s expressed desire for the healing of the schism, which is not at all the case.’ I then asked, ‘Is it possible that the article will be posted after a satisfactory theological review or has it already went through the theological review and was found lacking? In either event, I believe some sort of public clarification is in order, in my humble opinion.’ He stated, ‘Patrick posted the article on Creative Minority report. So we won’t be posting that particular one. But you can be sure we will have similar pieces from him and others down the road.’”

    • What a strange development.
      Archbold states the NCR is not unfriendly to Traditionalism, which does not answer the question whether his post has been taken down because it was critical of Francis. Which, by the by, I still think is the case. Note Archbold states the publication has been authorised in the first instance. Funny business, indeed.

      My issue is, as always, mainly with the thing itself: Francis’ pontificate. I did not consider the NCR a bastion of orthodoxy before, and do not consider them a nest of vipers now.


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